BACK: Ngoma

BACK: Ngoma

Former Francistown Mayor throws a spanner in the works in the Francistown West Primary elections

Former Francistown Mayor Peter Ngoma has resurfaced in the second city as a candidate for Francistown West constituency in the soon to be held BDP primary elections re-run.

Ngoma who lost in Tati-West constituency last year said he has decided to return to Francistown because the area was his “political home.”

“I know Francistown in and out and I am convinced that it would be easy for me to sell both myself and the party to the people in the area. All I need to do is bring back the fading political vibe to the city of Francistown.” Ngoma said.

Asked why he returned to Francistown after retiring to his home village where he terribly lost the BDP primaries to Biggie Butale last year, Ngoma said:

“Residents of Francistown are thirsty for me as they feel that I am that someone who can represent them at a parliamentary level.”

He further claimed that even some council candidates who won the primary elections last year needed him because he was currently the only sellable candidate for the area within the BDP.

“Just go around starting from Monarch to Gerald Estate and talk to the people and you will believe what I am talking about,”Ngoma said confidently.

Ngoma who served the city of Francistown for close to ten years, both as a councillor and a Mayor has indicated that the constituency was in dire need of a credible candidate.

Although he twice lost in the same constituency to former area MP Tshelang Masisi, Ngoma said this time around he was sure to emerge victorious.

“ I won’t disappoint residents of Francistown West if they happened to elect me to parliament.

I am the same approachable Ngoma whom people know and I am prepared to listen to everyone’s problems,” he said explaining that he was no longer going to protest the Tati-West results as he had initially wanted to do.

Meanwhile Ignatius Moswaane, who fell on the wayside after a disputed win in the primaries admitted that he was aware of Ngoma’s return.

“Yes I understand that Ngoma is coming to try his luck here but I wouldn’t comment on the rumours,” said Moswaane:

“All I can tell you at the moment is that we are currently working on another petition regarding the Francistown bye- election.”

The Francistown West constituency is apparently set to hold primary elections re-run that is allegedly likely to exclude both Moswaane and his rival Whyte Marobela who rocked the BDP boat by protesting his loss in court because they were likely to split the party, reliable sources have revealed.

“I see the disgruntled Moswaane standing as an independent candidate.” The source said.

Efforts to reach the Francistown regional chairman Ford Moiteela regarding Ngoma’s come back drew blank as his mobile phone wa switched off.





  1. letimone 2014/01/21

    eish reka terekere,plantere,ege le dese o ijele madi a ghavi, period!

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