JAIL BIRD: Romario Ditshoswane

JAIL BIRD: Romario Ditshoswane

Maun Magistrate Court has sentenced a 19- year- old teenager to seven years in prison for assaulting and injuring his uncle.

Lefika Romario Ditshoswane was convicted of assault causing grievous bodily harm on June 22 last year.

Ditshoswane fractured his uncle’s head with an iron rod and injured his leg in unproved attack.

Asked what caused him to beat up his uncle the young man who had a lone little sister for support in court. said: “Something just told me to beat him up.

He had done nothing wrong that night.

I just thought of how he used to abuse and ill-treat me when he was drunk.”

The court was told of how the accused came from behind and struck his uncle, Onneile Kanyeto with an iron bar on the head causing a concave at 230am in the morning.

Kanyeto had apparently just taken his food from the kitchen and was still trying to switch on the television before he could sit down to eat when he was hit, the court was told.

The victim was hospitalised for four months at Nyangabwe Hospital in Francistown.

During trial Kanyeto asked the court to treat his nephew like any other law offender and not as a relative.

Magistrate Clifford Foroma said that had the victim not made that statement, he would have taken the two’s relationship into consideration.

“There is nothing that can be done to save you from going to jail because the nature of offence you committed is a serious one.

You are lucky he is alive and beating someone who did not provoke you like that shows that you are a violent person who should be put behind bars,” Magistrate Foroma said.

Ditshoswane was given 14 days to appeal his conviction. He represented himself in court while the state was represented by Sub Inspector Chenamo Orateng of Maun Police.

Kanyeto left the court in the company of a friend and did not have a word with his convicted nephew.




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    go ta c ama

  2. uncle are o ska wa atholwa se setogolo, o a tholwe se le naga. koo teng o bata go sala a phuthologile o borai le wena monna..

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