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BITTER: CatherineChaoke

BITTER: CatherineChaoke


A young Francistown bartender ended 2013 on a sad note when her aunt Catherine Chaoke bit off her bottom lip in a fierce fight at Botalaote Bar in Aerodrome location.

Still in bandages, the devastated 19- year-old Basetsana told of how the bar brawl started when she confronted the older relative about the rumours she was allegedly spreading about her, especially to their boss.

“We both worked for our aunt’s bar. She told the boss that I was under performing and that I gave some customers alcohol on credit.

We have always had some rivalry between us. I do not know why she hates me but when I asked her why she lied about me she attacked me apparently to teach me a lesson not to insult elders.

She claimed for a younger person to call her a liar was a huge insult.” said

BITTEN: Basetsana

BITTEN: Basetsana

Basetsana who went on to explain that the conflict has divided the family.
“She is very cruel.

It was traumatic to see a piece of my lip on the ground and blood flowing out.

The piece that she bit off and spat on the ground could not be patched back because its cells were dead by the time we got to the hospital so she has maimed me,”Basetsana said weeping uncontrollably.

Superintendent Cyprian Magalila of Tatitown police confirmed that Basetsana has opened a case of assault occasioning bodily harm.

“Police are investigating the case to find out what has transpired so that whoever will be found guilty can face appropriate charges.” Magalila said.

Catherine Chaoke meanwhile claimed ignorance of the matter and refused to comment.



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  1. dicks dee 2014/01/23

    Catty o ka ja motho ke a bona.ngwana yo o kana o bo o mosenyetsa bokamoso,otla nyalwa ke mang a ntse jaana.u shoud rot in jail.

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