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A 22-year-old Shashemooke woman escaped possible rape because of her menstrual blood.

Appearing in court the suspected rapist Thabo Motshwarakgole,18 had the rape charge reduced to a lesser charge of indecent assault because he did not succeed in his mission.

Initial Particulars of the offense were that on October 2, 2011 near Shashe River, Motshwarakgole raped the woman(name withheld to protect her identity)at knifepoint.

It however emerged during trial that Motshwarakgole did not have sexual intercourse with the woman.

Instead he only indecently assaulted her by touching her private parts to check whether she was indeed on her period as she had claimed.

Exonerating Motshwarakgole in her testimony early this week the victim told the court that after spurning the pint sized Motshwarakgole’s love proposal at a bar, he waylaid her on her way home.

“He emerged from the bushes and grabbed me by the scruff of my neck at the same time placing a knife on my throat,” the court heard. “It was around 1am on October 2, 2013,” she said.

With the knife firmly placed to her throat, the court heard that lights of an approaching vehicle made the accused person to force-march the complainant and her friend into a near by thicket.

The friend apparently pleaded with Motshwarakgole to release them but instead he threatened to break a beer bottle and use it to rip open the friend’s stomach if she didn’t stop making a noise.

Both gripped with fear, the complainant and her friend marched to the middle of a dry surfaced edge of Shashe River where he ordered his victim to undress and her friend to move away from them.

But when he was about to rape her, the victim told him that she was on her periods.

“He then put his finger into my womanhood to verify if I was telling the truth.

Indeed he removed his finger dripping with blood,” said the woman who went on to tell the court that it angered her attacker who ordered them to leave immediately and not to report the matter to the police or their families which they did anyhow and resulted in the man’s arrest.

Motshwarakgole chose to remain silent in court.

He could not also call any witness.

The case continues.

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  1. roxido 2014/01/20

    Ao banna! why didnt the friend run and seek for resue. Ke eng a ka nna hela hoo, kana ne a emetse gore ha go fetswa ka tsala ebe a tsena. Something z not ryt here and if indeed rre, moshanyana yoo 4 dat matter ne a tshwerwe ke nopa ya dira gadi bonwe y didnt he opt for the friend.

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