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SHAKE! SHAKE! Peace corn knows as Gosego taking down some pints

SHAKE! SHAKE! Peace corn knows as Gosego taking down some pints

December 2013 saw the highly anticipated Chibuku Road To Fame Talent Search registration process kick off at registrations points countrywide.

An initiative by the locally brewed Chibuku beer brand, will see contestants showcase their various talents in the hope of winning the grand prize of P100, 000.00 cash.

Regional auditions will be held in Gaborone, Palapye, Francistown, and Lobatse, from which the top three contestants will be selected per venue.

Purchasing four pints of Chibuku automatically guarantees one a spot in the registration process, with only those above the age of 18 years eligible to enter.

The first round of registration began on 8th December 2013, with more dates to be released later, providing information on the venues of the regional competitions.

The competition is not limited to Chibuku consumers, and is aimed at giving those in the remote areas a chance to showcase their talents.

The grand finale will be held in Gaborone on 29th March 2014, with thousands vying for the whopping P100, 000.00 prize money.

“We at KBL believe the Road to Fame Talent Show will change a lot of lives. Im very excited about this initiative.

Chibuku consumers are very talented and deserve this stage which the brand has provided.

Chibuku is a progressive brand and must be seen as such,” said Laone Phologolo, Marketing Manager of Opaque Beers at a press conference held at Botswana Breweries Limited.

The Road to Fame Talent Show has partnered with a number of local artists in taking the competition to people throughout Botswana.

Lloyd (Wizards of the Desert), Makau, Mapetla and Dan Tshanda are just a few of the artists who will be part of the project, working to unearth, nurture and grow Botswana talent.

During the regionals, artists from the areas will be headlining the show, reminding competitors that it is possible for them too and encouraging more aspiring stars to enter the competition.

“Chibuku, Chama or even Khamba as some call it, has been a source of income for countless families around the country dating back many decades.

It has played a key role especially within more rural households in supporting families.

This is yet another effort to uplift communities across the country. Now is the time for the music industry to shine.

We are proud to be a part of this initiative by KBL which gives a platform to the music fraternity.

The musicians working with us during this time will act as brand ambassadors and are expected to carry themselves as such.

Please lead by example,” concluded Secretary General of Botswana Music Union (BOMU), Mr Ntsie.





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