Cheating-HusbandRecently a news story of a woman who was injured in a car accident while chasing her husband and his mistress sparked an interesting discussion on how to deal with a love rat.

Below is the conversation as captured by Voice Reporter, Portia Ngwako.

Voice Reader: This woman has energy. When people are having an affair it is not easy to break them up.

Hahahaha! (Laughing) right now she is admitted at Nyangabwe Hospital while the two love cheats are having fun.

Dread lady: The mistress has obviously made a a fool out of the wife.

She might be saying stuff like, ‘babe poo ele ya mosadi wa gago e ratile go re tshwara’ (babe that bully wife of yours nearly caught us)


Woman in white shirt:: The best way to deal with a cheating husband is to light a cigarette in your bedroom.

When he comes back and smells it he will think a man was in the house.

Then he would start thinking that there could be other men out there who are interested in you.

Red Blouse: I am told a woman once boiled samp and drained the water and poured that water in six condoms.

When the husband came back from his mistress and saw the condoms he was convinced his wife must have had a really good time with another man.

He didn’t leave his house too much after that I am told.

Dread Woman: That was a very funny but a good strategy.

The man obviously thought those were used condoms.

That’s a good idea. We are tired of cheating husbands.

Red Blouse: Recently a woman fought with her husband’s mistress at the mall after she stalked him and caught him shopping with another woman.

It was drama and the police were called.

Voice Reader: I had a friend called Rushhour, may his soul rest in peace.

That guy’s wife followed him around like a shadow. If he did as much as stretch his limbs his wife would stand up.

She was suffering. She made sure to keep an eye on him and she caught him too many times, breaking her heart in the process.

Red Blouse: I do not think I can resort to either following a man around or some ridiculous strategies like filling condoms with samp stock.

The solution to this is simple; when he goes out I also go out. We meet in the morning by the gate.

Dread Lady: That is not an easy thing to do. Women respect themselves more than men do, besides women do not want to traumatize their children.

We would rather pretend everything is fine rather than expose the children to such pain.

Voice Reader:Rush ended up getting married. I thought maybe he would change his behaviour after marriage but it got worse.

The guy would even fake trips so that he could spend weekends with other woman.

The guy must have had a sex addiction of some sort because he slept with the housemaid, other women in the neighbourhood and even his landlord.

I do not know how many times they relocated in Gaborone to move away from his girlfriends.

Red Blouse: When your husband starts cheating you do not follow him around. Otherwise it will be their daily game, playing hide and seek with the mistress.

Voice Reader: Sometimes Rushhour would lie that he was going to Maun only to spend a weekend in Gaborone and buy some fish on Sunday at the bus rank to convince the wife that indeed he was in ‘Maun.’

Everybody laughs and the Voice Reader leaves as the conversation dies down.




  1. letimone 2014/01/14

    kana ke gore gaba tshwane ka monate yo mongwe o kgona go nna bosula

  2. mmaago Latika 2014/01/14

    ga gona sepe sa bosula banna ba mo ga rona ba itlwaeditse mokgwa wa go sela sela le fa oka mo neela tsotlhe tse a di batlang still gaa kgotsofale.tsala yame yone ene ya nna fela monna wa gagwe amo tsietsa a itshoka fela ngwanyana,e rile fela monna antse a itebetse ke ga mosadi a mmolella gore o moimana,kante ngwana ga se wa monna ke wa lechina,ga monna a santse a atlhame kega mochina a nyala ngwanyana babo ba ya beijin.monna yoo one a sotlwa ke lefatshe le bone banyana ba gagwe ka ga ba mo phatlallela

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