Basarwa through their human rights organization, Khwedom has urged government to disregard anybody who does not belong to their tribe claiming to speak on their behalf.

Briefing the media this week, Botswana Khwedom council board member, Mangana Mangana noted that for a very long time people have claimed to be representing their rights whereas they abused them.

“We want all people who are said to be representing Basarwa to be removed from all these government departments.

Some are said to be our MPs in parliament and yet they share the table with those who oppress us.

They claim to be there for our rights and yet they never say anything on our behalf” said Mangana.

Executive director, Keikabile Mogodu said that the government was tormenting and undermining Basarwa.

“We were found in this country but we are the most undermined tribe.

The government has taken everything from us and even our rights but we will continue to look them in the eye and say enough is enough,” he said.

Mogodu went on to claim that they are abused by police officers. He further claimed that such abuse cases are often swept under the carpet.

The First People of the Kalahari leader, Roy Sesana went on to dismiss claims that Basarwa are using Survival International (SI) to taint the name of the country.

“Survival International is our good friend and the organization cares about our rights.

Whoever claims that we are tainting the name of this country is very ignorant because there is no way we can engage SI just for fun.

This government is really oppressing us so we are fed up and we want to stand and make our voices to be heard,” said Sesana.

He went on to attack Ditshwanelo Human Rights organization which he said was nothing but a ‘toothless dog.’

“People are using us to benefit money from international organizations and Ditshwanelo is just a useless organization because we never even hear their voice and yet they are said to advocating for our rights.

We are better off with international organizations than sleeping with an enemy who claims to love us,” said Sesana.

Taking to the podium, Jumande Gakelebale said it was time for Sesarwa language to be introduced in schools.

He said they also want the Government to employ Basarwa in influential positions in Government departments.

“We also want our children to be taught in their native language in schools and the Government should consider creating employment opportunities for our people in influential positions.” he said




  1. we will be watching the space. Good luck guys, fight for the rights of the so called minority

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