DJ-ChrispinThe music industry is not a child’s play and it’s not for the faint hearted.

That much DJ Chrispin can testify to.

The energetic drummer who once disappeared from the scene when he couldn’t handle the heat in the industry says he is now back to stay.

In this interview with Voice reporter Daniel Kenosi, Chrispin candidly talks about the storms and pleasures of his life.

Q. Compliments. Let’s get to know you

My name is Kemo Chris Masoko. I’m from Kopong village.

I am a graduate of the University Of South Africa (UNISA).

Q. Is there any job you do besides music?

No! Immediately after completing my university studies I identified this talent in me and gave it all my attention.

Q. How did you identify the talent?

I was inspired by my brother who is a sound engineer at Botswana Defence Force.

He used to have all DJ materials so I would practice until I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

2008 was my breakthrough year because it was first time I performed at a night club.

Q. Which club was that?

It was the then Lizard Lounge and it was a great show because the reception from revellers was overwhelming and by then I was just called Chrispin not Chrispin the Drummer.

Q. Who gave you the name?

I was given the name by my fans.

It’s a combination of my names and profession.

It’s my name Chris connected to spin which means I spin the discs and lastly the drummer which comes from the drums I play on stage.

Q. I hear there was a point you wanted to withdraw from the industry. Please tell us about that.

There was too much pressure and some of the artists were very jealous that they went around splashing malicious rumours about me and I could no longer take all that.

Q. What were the rumours?

They just said a lot of hurtful things and I wouldn’t want to go into details but from that time I took a break from music to refresh and I returned in 2011 as a ‘born again’ Dj ready to take anything head on.

I was a really changed man and even got myself an iPhone.

Q. An iPhone is just a simple gadget. What was so special about yours?

Mine was very special because I had installed a drums application in it which I used for my performances at night clubs.

I used drums from iPhone using fingers and that’s what made me to be an outstanding Dj.

Unfortunately after three months my phone was stolen.

Q. Where was it stolen from and how did it affect your job?

I still don’t know what happened to my phone but what I know is that someone stole it.

It derailed my bookings because I could no longer play without it but I tried to move on without it until one DJ offered me his iPad.

Q. Who taught you how to play drums?

I taught myself everything.

I also did so much research and I used to watch other DJs play.

As time went on I felt the need to buy real drums so I bought big drums from UK.

Q. How much did the drums cost?

They cost over P12, 000.

I first played my real big drums at Vee’s show and I had spent only one day watching videos from You-tube on how they are played but I played like a pro.

Q. Why did you choose music over what you are qualified for?

I am qualified as a safety health environment officer but I decided to follow God’s calling.

I went to school because my parents wanted me to but God showed me this talent which I didn’t go to school for so I settled here.

It pays well so I can’t complain.

Q. Do you mind sharing the exact figures of the payments?

(Laughs) I can survive from what I get Mr. Kenosi.
Thats all you need to know.

I used to work and decided to quit because I can make the same salary I used to get after thirty days in just a week.

Q. How much do you charge to perform at a gig?

I won’t disclose that but just know that I am not shy to charge.

Q. I would like to invite you to come play at The Voice New Year party.

How much can you charge us?

(Laughs) lets finish the interview then we can talk.

Q. The Minister of Youth, Shaw Kgathi has said artists should desist from charging anything beyond P10, 000.

What’s your take on that?

He said what!? Right now foreign artists come to play in our country and are paid over P 50, 000 so why can’t we also charge prices in the same range.

Our government doesn’t support local talent and that is why we move to other countries.

Q. Please take us into a DJ’s daily life.

I am just a simple guy who wakes up and makes simple breakfast.

From breakfast I move to my computer to check any bookings and confirm.

I am currently working on motivation work and soon I will be travelling across the country giving motivational speeches to students.

At the end of the day I go to the gym.

Q. What was your parents’ reaction when you threw away the Degree certificates for decks?The-drummer

Parents will always be parents and they would always want what they feel is best for you but as you grow up, you choose your own path.

They just had to give me the support. My parents just had to accept that I am not office material.

I now get paid to have fun Mr. Kenosi.

Q. Do you get women throwing themselves at you whenever you are out?

I meet a lot and I must say women are the ones who make Chrispin what he is.

Q. Oh! Really, how?

They influence their partners to come pay and watch me perform at my shows.

You know that a woman is very influential (laughs).

Going back to your question, I do get a lot of attention from ladies and some even call or send messages telling me how they feel about me.

Q. Mind sharing one message you once received?

One lady once sent me a message on face book saying she would like to have a piece of me but I just dismissed her and told her that I am not interested.

Q. Do you have a special woman in your life besides your mom?

Yes! That should be my girlfriend. Please tell the ladies out there that I am involved and I am not searching.

Q. What challenges do you face as artists in Botswana?

The government doesn’t support us.

They have reduced club times and increased alcohol levy which now makes it tough for us to make money and promoters undermine our skills over foreign artists.

Q. What do you take before going on stage to maintain same energy throughout?

I have to make it clear that rumours about me taking drugs are not true.

I use pure water from Gaborone dam and prayer then I am sure to entertain you the whole night.

Q. Any wishes for 2014?

I just wish to grow my career and move out of this country. I want to relocate to South Africa.

Q. Should we expect any surprises too?

Yes! Let me just reveal that I am currently working with Kearoma Rantao on a song yet to be released and I will be introducing a live band to my set so expect more fun this year.

Q. Did you register to vote?

Yes and I am going to excise my rights

Q. Most artists have declared their love for Domkrag.

Do you mind sharing with us the political party you belong to?

Just know that I am going to vote.

Q. Share a word with your fans please.

I would like to thank my fans for the love and great support.

I would also like to encourage the young ones out there to go to school and get qualifications for back up before they can explore anything else.

Q. What’s up for this weekend Mr. DJ?

I have been working throughout the whole festive season so this weekend I will be out spoiling myself.

Please don’t call me.







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