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Happy New Year or compliments of the new season (whichever way you choose to say it doesn’t really matter.)

I missed you my people and I felt that these holidays were way too long as I so itched to come back to update you with the juiciest gossip out there.

OK, enough with the greetings. Let’s go right to the business of the day!

Those who attended the Bak2Lala event and felt DJ Ski rocked have to know this.

The drums which the DJ used to impress the crowd were not his but Mosako’s.

The ageing DJ found the drums set on stage for Mosako’s performance but daddy Ski went out of his way to steal the thunder from the younger DJ.

Next time bring your own equipment big man or at least be decent enough to ask before using other people’s equipment.


When DJ Rajoelina left the clubs in Madagascar for the State house everyone couldn’t believe it including our own foreign affairs Minister Phandu Skelemani who spoke strongly against the DJ.

This week when I heard that former My Star judge and DJ, Ndala aka Sid was preparing to contest for elections, as an independent parliamentary candidate in Gaborone Central constituency I couldn’t help but wonder how Phandu would react to this interesting piece of news.

Anyway, we wish Monnamogolo as DJ Sid is popularly known all the best in his endeavours.

Just imagine this title, Hon Dj Sid Ndala MP for Gaborone Central.

Surely 2014 looks like its going to be a year full of surprises, that much Shaya can tell you for free.


Since former Yarona FM presenter left the radio station, I have never seen him as happy as he was at the Brandy show recently.

Shaya spotted the rap artist with a lady in pink and I must say the two were happy together.

Shaya tried to wave, but Scar had eyes only for the mysterious woman.

Whether she is a sister, a fan, a cousin or a girlfriend, the two really connected well and we wish they keep their relationship that way. Shaya was inspired.


Wait a minute. Is the person pictured above reaaly the Brandy from The United States of America?

If indeed the person in this picture is Brandy the pop artists, then I give all points to US TV makeup artists, they really know how to ‘enhance’ beauty.

Shaya couldn’t believe that the R’N’B super star is not even close in beauty and style to plain Janes from from Shaya’s home village.

The singer should definitely sue her wardrobe adviser for a terrible job on her recent trip to Botswana!

Just look at what the millionaire was wearing. Dear Slizer and others I am sorry I undermined you before, from now on know that you are my super stars.

These ones from America are just not what they seem on TV.


The last time I saw former radio personality, Luzboy he was a man who loved his drink.

Many party revellers knew Luzboy.

I hear that now he is a successful businessman pushing the hustle out in the streets somewhere which is well and good but let’s focus on the picture above for a minute which Shaya snapped at Brandy’s show.

Shem!! My brother looked miserable.

I wonder if they refused to give him a drink or whether the St Louis freebies were all done.

Whatever the man was going through, whilst the rest of us were busy dancing, is only known to him.

But Shaya really felt like crying when she saw Luzboy in this state.

Being the emotional person that yours truly is, she nearly shed tears for this brother but instead Shaya in the line of duty plucked up the courage to snap this picture and quickly looked away.

To Uncle Maluza all Shaya can say is All is well Uncle Maluza,please don’t cry!


Dear Venson-Moitoi, Minister of education.

I know you are a dignified lady who listens and understands our problems. You even care much about teachers.

Please provide the Nxakato Junior school teachers with cleaners so that they focus on what you hired them for, which is teaching our children.

I was really disheartened when I visited this school in Sowa and found the teachers hard at workcleaning.



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