MISTRESS: Dikitso Stephen

MISTRESS: Dikitso Stephen

Although she was granted divorce a week ago, Keebonye Thuso- Mulusa,47 this week summoned her rival before the customary court to demand a hefty compensation.

Thuso- Mulusa,47, is demanding P100 000 from Dikitso Stephen, 35, for wrecking her marriage to Kennedy Mulusa, 45.

The three -year- old marriage was rocked by allegations of cheating with Keebonye accusing  Stephen, a self employed woman of  being the main culprit.

The ex-wife told The Voice that before filing for divorce she caught her husband with six different women the last of them being Stephen who refused to back off.

She said that things changed for the worst sometime last year when her husband started coming home after midnight and not fulfilling his bedroom duties.

“I got worried and did my own investigations and established that Stephen was the the other woman.”

The frustrated wife sought help from her in-laws in Zambia over the phone but they asked her to solve the matter with relatives in Botswana, a thing she did and Mulusa apologised for his behaviour.

DIVORCED COUPLE: Kenny Mulusa and Keeney Thuso- Mulusa

DIVORCED COUPLE: Kenny Mulusa and Keeney Thuso- Mulusa

The husband however moved out “He just made up stories to move out of our matrimonial house so that he can be free to see his mistress.”

Arguing that had it not been for Stephen her marriage would still be intact Mulusa said: “My husband was a womaniser but Stephen complicated things and that is why I brought only her to court amongst the six women I once caught my husband with.

I want her to learn a lesson to stay away from married men.”

Kgosi Oleyo Ledimo adjourned the case to  January 08 2014 since key witnesses were out of Maun. Mulusa refused to comment.“Go to her she will tell you all she wants to say.” He said before hanging up the phone.




  1. flame 2014/01/08

    That marriage was doomed from the start. The guy couldn’t control himself for only 3 years! 6 women! Just forget the whole thing and start afresh. That girl wont pay a dime. She doesn’t look like she has anything let alone P100,000. Its a waste of time.

  2. phoko ya mo Sambiya, 6 women + keebonye in 3 yrs, ke tenwa ke gore he is a womanizer mme e le monna ga abetwe

  3. oeborupile 2014/01/08

    so a divorced woman can sue the galfriend of hs former husband?this i dnt understnd….

    Ntate yo le ene!!!!!!!!!in 3 years he had ths lots of sidekicks?

  4. CUDDLESOME 2014/01/09

    Monna wa teng le ene ga a pila. Oka tshwarisa motho sebeteledi. Let him go man!!!

  5. Tgirl 2014/01/14

    Irf Dikitso is No.6 or 7, surely the marriage was already broken down!

  6. dicks dee 2014/01/14

    Dilo di sele monna yo.forget ka ene o go senye ditse nako.ebile o ntse o ya go tshameka ka Dikitso wa setomo.

  7. olorato gangae 2014/01/21

    ke mathata mare go ta loka modimo o teng

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