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  1. rasluv 2013/12/27

    Naare gatwe ngwana yo thokahetseng yo o 20years? Mme gatwe ke ‘longtime partner’ ya ga Makhwengwe? Ebile ke masika? Makhwengwe o ka baa meno a rubelela ngwana, nxlaaaaa!

  2. Chris M 2013/12/27

    I am confused! Cousins were going out? Is it seen, or even allowed in this country?

  3. cheerful 2013/12/27

    “In Makhwengwe’s message, read by his He told how the two had met three years ago and their love had overcome the fact that we were close relatives. After a year they made their relationship public. ‘The rest is history,’ he said.

    “BFA Technical Director Phillimon Makhwengwe’s long time partner and cousin.

    This paragraph says it all and professionally speaking when relationships are occurring between relatives it is called “Incest”- the definition of this word is “sexual relations between people classed as being too CLOSELY RELATED (e.g. first cousins etc. )to marry each other” all children born out of these relationships are always abnormal.

    Most of the time it occurs when people are not aware of who is related to them and sometimes they are aware and they just go ahead with the relationship

  4. cheerful 2013/12/27

    In most countries is is forbidden forbidden

  5. BO Makhwwengwe ke go rubelela bana ke eng a ne a sa togele ngwana a tshameka…ao rra shje was old enough to be yo daugher in law not wife…agg mane le re selekisa go nna le batho ba bo rre

  6. taxaymad 2013/12/27

    Ke mathata

  7. roxido 2013/12/30

    heelang! Gatweng naare golo faa! So sale Makhwengwe a ratana le ngwana yoo a le gare ga dingwaga tse 16 and 17, a mo thubetsa ka bogoma, a mo phara meno a gagwe a seng pila ale. nnyaa lenna nka tsenwa ke stress ebe ke ikgaphele botshelo. Kgalemang Makhwengwe tlhe bathong. Long tym lover? shuuuu!

  8. cheerful 2013/12/30

    “Speaking at the funeral her aunt Emeldah Diphatsa said it was around 8 pm on the 17December when Makhwengwe came to her place and asked her to accompany him to the police station. She said that as they drove to Tlokweng Police Station she was wondering if Purry might have been involved in an accident.
    “Phillimon went into the station and I remained in the car still wondering what could have happened. After some minutes he came back and told me – the officer then called me and broke the sad news. After that I do not know what happened. I just collapsed, ” she said.

    I find these two paragraphs a bit strange
    Was the deceased missing on 17 December and that a report was made to the police by the said so called partner who in turn is also her cousin?????

  9. CUDDLESOME 2014/01/08

    Kgang ye ena le dikgang!!! Stru!!!

  10. Dudu Skwatta a.k.a solja 2014/01/09

    hatshe la bokhutlong

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