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As 2013 fades away, for local political parties at has been a year that many may want to forget. 2013 was a great year for both politicians and the people.

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) as the main party attracted a lot of attention in the year.

The major events that made the news in the ruling party are the resignation of Samson Guma as the Chairman and the party’s primary elections.

Guma resigned to clear his name after allegations flew thick and fast that he might be friends with Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANUPF.

His resignation although expected shocked many in the ruling party as they had thought he will clear his name whilst still in the Chair.

Vice-President Ponatshego Kedikilwe was appointed the Chairman. His appointment was due to his loyalty to his President Ian Khama.



The primary elections of the party dubbed ‘bulela di-tswe’ or let them out is still the talk of town even up to now.

Big names in Ramadeluka Seretse, Peter Seile, Oreeditse Molebatsi, Lebonaamang Mokalake, Pono Moatlhodi, Phandu Skelemani, Mmoloki Raletobana, Frank Ramsden, Moeng Pheto, Olebile Gaborone, Gloria Semolokae and John Seakgosing took a nose dive.

All of them blame the system for their loss. Some of them have taken the party to task claiming that the elections were marred with irregularities as some of their voters did not vote.

Highlight of the party’s primary elections was when perennial loser Ramadeluka Seretse demanded a re-run in his constituency.

He was so certain of a win that even PSP Eric Molale had to be roped in to disqualify civil servants from voting. In return for the good gesture he was thrashed beyond repair.

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) is regarded as the most well managed party in the opposition ranks had its fair share of ups and downs.

THINKING 2014: BCP Youth Leaque

THINKING 2014: BCP Youth Leaque

Its president Dumelang Saleshando had to defend his wife through the media why Dineo is constantly having coffee with Khama little brother.

This did not augur well with some in the party as there is a going concern that Saleshando is beneficiary of Government policies that he claims to disdain.

There are some discerning voices within the BCP that the party is headed for disaster come 2014. Those who lost in the party’s primary elections are being sidelined by the party leadership.

There is even talk that Botswana Alliance Movement (BAM) wants out of BCP.

Should that happen in February 2014 as the sponsors of BAM predict?

BCP will be in a messy state. Another hard-line stance was taken by BCP that only the elite, women and youth will represent the party in the 2014 elections.

Party president is on record saying he will not apologise for taking that stance.

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) held its elections in most constituencies.

Many of their candidates especially parliamentary were unopposed. National Speaker Margret Nasha was able to recognise the UDC as a party in parliament.

Therefore both MPs from Botswana National Front (BNF) and Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) in parliament represent UDC. The only set back that nearly crippled the UDC was when two disgruntled BNF members took their party to court.

They lost with costs hence the UDC has been registered with Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

All candidates representing the party will be announced in the first quarter of 2014.



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  1. Tsotsi Wee 2014/01/08

    Guys,some time ago whn i ws a young man journlists actually wnt to work to report news. Now these days its like they create news by sensationalizin their opinions. On the case of Dineo & “Khama litl brthr”, constantly havin coffee sounds to me like they’re datin, a very serious allegation for somebody’s husband wit somebody else’ wife. If indd th two are romnticlly invlved thn why is tht polical news? Worse stil accrdin to the journlist these dates have something to do wth ‘Government policies’. How?
    Ndelu…he was thrashed beyond repair(Is ther a distinction btwn news reporting & satire in this peice, huh?) We knw about BDP candidates wh lost, no need repeatin tht. Instead update us on th news, like Moswaane case, the ongoin illegimacy case of the BNF president. Just report th news & live us alone we ar old enuff to make our own senzationalized opnions & judgements ok!

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