Cartoon-for-20-12-2013On Saturday The Voice Reporter Daniel Chida overheard a conversation at Big Tau Bar in Maun about holiday love which left one of the men sweating.
Skin Jeans: I saw your fiancée shopping in town. When did she come to visit?

Cap: She came last week and as you can see you cannot separate women from their shopping.

Skin Jeans: You are doing a good thing.

Cap: What good thing?

Skin Jeans: By going with her to your home village. I bet your parents will be happy for you.

It’s good to introduce your girlfriend to your family in good times like Christmas, weddings instead of at a funeral.

Afro-man: Yeah, it’s good to let your girlfriend meet your people during Christmas time because at a wedding it may seem like you want to steal the limelight from the bride and the groom while at a funeral it may offend some people to see you happy when everybody else is mourning.

Skinny Jeans: You are right, my friend chose the right time and I think she was buying right dresses to impress her in-laws, first impressions last you know.

Cap: Why are you jumping to conclusion?I am not taking her home with me. The right time for me to do that will present itself but this is not it.

Skinny Jeans: This is the right time.

Cap: I am only 25 . What will happen to those pretty young ladies from home if I were to bring a girlfriend with me?

Do you think they will take kindly to the news that I am taken? Of course they wont! I still want to enjoy my home girls until they bore me.

There are girls we do not check during the year and only hook up with during holiday time if you know what I mean. I am talking a holiday squeeze buddy!

Woman in a mini skirt: Has she ever asked you to introduce her to your parents?

Cap: No.

Woman: Then you have to know there is a problem. What goes around comes around and you reap what you sow.

You just have to know that each time you cheat on her chances are very high that she could be cheating on you too.

That is why sometimes we do not complain when a man decides to go and hang with his side chicks at his home village because it gives us freedom to see our small houses just like you.

Does she ever complain that you don’t call when you are gone?

Cap: Nope!

Woman: Ahhh, She is also enjoying that freedom you see. At least if she complained you would know that she misses you when you are gone but clearly she doesn’t.

It is a vicious cycle, Men who cheat end up with women who do the same. Does she party when she is not with you?

Cap: No.

Woman: How do you know? You think a normal girl would show you pictures of her partying with men?

Hell no! She will only show you family pictures because you too won’t show her your pictures partying with other women.

You must wake up and take your lady with you to avoid the unexpected.

Skinny Jeans: Kante jaanong why are you only saying no no no to everything, what’s wrong?

Look at him, he is even sweating. Let me buy you a drink before you commit suicide.

Cap: You may be right but going with her will limit my movements and my party time.

Woman: What is important, your family or partying and cheating?

Cap: Please let’s change the topic I’m now stressed.

The Skinny Jeans guy goes inside the bar while his friend remains in deep thought as the conversation ends.



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