As the world wraps up 16 days of activism against women and child abuse, a 23- year-old Gaborone woman came out this week to reveal how she suffered a traumatising violation at the hands of a prominent dentist in Gaborone.

The woman(name withheld to protect her identity) says that her life has never been the same after she was raped in 2011 by Dr. Badiredi Tau.

She talked of how what was supposed to be a merry night and her pre birthday celebration turned into a nightmare when she boarded Tau’s car.

“I was in Broadhurst at the Cattle Baron restaurant with my friends and when we were just about to leave for my house my other friend suggested that we take a ride in Tau’s car instead of a cab.

Tau said his car could only accommodate one passenger so I rode with him as my other friends hopped into his friend’s car,” she said sobbing.

The ditraught young woman says that when they reached her house in Taung, the dentist started fondling her before he locked the doors and proceeded to undress her.

“He then grabbed a pack of condoms, wore one and proceeded to rape me.

I immediately went into shock and fainted.

“When I regained consciousness I had blood stains all over me but what worries me most is that this case is now taking too long to come to court.”

Tau could not be reached for a comment,but a charge sheet which this publication is in possession of states that the 38- year- old dentist faces a single count of rape which is contrary to section 141 of the penal code.

The case is expected to resume early next year.

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