Sup-TumedisoAbout 15 employees of the newly opened Payless store in Bontleng have been given the boot after swindling the supermarket of P50 000 in two months.

The employees’ dirty tactics were discovered two weeks ago after management caught one of them red-handed.

The culprit confessed that together with her colleagues, she had been stealing from the company for two months now.

Payless Group General Manager Johan Kok told The Voice that the employees who included a supervisor started fleecing the supermarket after stealing a bar-code from the store manager.

The manager was transferred to another branch when the supermarket started losing money in a way he couldn’t explain.

“ To pocket money from the till they made it look like some unhappy customer had been reimbursed after returning some goods They used the bar-code on different occasions without the knowledge of the manager.Payless-entrance

This happened over a period of two months and it took us that long to figure out what was happening.

Even after the suspected manager was transferred to another branch we kept experiencing the same problem,” Kok said.

Assistant Superintendant Tumediso of Urban Police station confirmed that they were investigating the case and that the suspects will be brought before court to face theft charges.



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