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 IMPRESSED: Kealotswe

IMPRESSED: Kealotswe

Standard Seven pupils in the North East District once again outclassed their peers in the country in the just released 2013 Primary school Leaving Examinations(PSLE).

The district schools achieved a pass rate of 82.6 per cent this year.

“Our schools have performed exceptionally well, better than the previous year and the best in the country,” said North East District Council Chairman, City Kealotswe.

Gearing to further improve the academic performance of primary schools in the district, the Council Chairman said the council had completed procurement and distribution of books to all primary schools for the year 2014.

“Furthermore we have managed to secure funds for electrification of primary schools in the district including Matopi village.

Ten schools in the district have been electrified this year,” continued Kealotswe.

Meanwhile, Bugalo primary school in Tati Siding will have a special education unit from January next year.

The special unit is expected to start with 20 pupils who are mentally challenged.

On other issues Kealotswe commended the council for performing well in government funded programmes and in serving the district’s community despite operating on a limited budget.

“In the meantime the district will continue to prioritize and implement high economic impact projects such as the ongoing construction of market stalls in Masunga and Ramokgwebana border and the office block at Tati siding Service Centre,” said the Chairman during the district’s Chairman’s Ball.




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