In the entertainment and fashion field this man needs no introduction.

But for those who don’t know him; his n.ame is Taes and he is the main man behind the super rocking Bak2skul annual festival.

He has been attracting the masses to his annual event every January for the past 11 years and it doesn’t look like he is about to slow down.

Voice reporter, Daniel Kenosi got closer to this ‘party’ animal to understand what keeps him going strong in the tough entertainment industry.

Q. Good day. Please take us into your life, who is Taes?
My names are Taolo Taes Entaile. I was born in the capital city of Botswana but I come from Kanye village.

Q. Which schools did you go to?
I went to Tsholofelo Primary school in Broadhurst, from there I proceeded to Marang junior school and completed my senior school at Ledumang secondary.

From Ledumang I went to Zimbabwe where I did an engineering course in computers.

Q. Does that mean you are a computer engineer?
Yes. But I have never practiced what I went to school for.

Q. Why?
I think I just did engineering just to have a University qualification or just something to fall back on when times are tough.

I had wanted to be an architecture or study something to do with sound and more interesting.

Q. Where have you worked before?
When I completed my university I returned home and got myself a job as a waiter at Gaborone Sun where I worked mostly as a bartender by the pool side bar for nine months.

From Gaborone Sun I moved to Spur food outlet where I continued working as a waiter for about six or seven months.

I quit that and went back to school for a few months and when I came back I engaged myself in IT work which I quit to start my own company.

Q. What’s the name of the company?Taes
My company was called Tru-Blu and I started it with one best friend of mine who happens to be a fashionista.

Q. Why a waiter?
It was great because I ensured that being an aspiring businessman I make all the right connections in town.

I worked hard to build those relationships with my clients and some of them have gone on to become my business associates.

Q. You earlier talked about Tru-Blu Company. What was it all about?
I started that when I was 19years old with my partner and our target was to identify needs in other companies and provide needed services.

The company is now defunct and I now have my own company called Rich-Man.

So Tru-Blu existed in those days when I was just doing business for fun.

That was before I had a clear vision about what I wanted in my life.

Q. I am still confused as to what Tru-Blu really did. Please explain further.
Ok! We worked mostly with advertising agencies and we would organize models and clothes for their billboards shootings.

Q. You were once part of The Voice newspaper. How did that come about?
Yes. I used to have a fashion column in The Voice newspaper and it was called Fashion-Twinz.

Fashion has always been part of my life. I was really influenced by my background because my whole family is into fashion.

I approached The Voice newspaper with my partner and then bang! We did it.

How easy was it writing that fashion column?
It was very easy because I had so much support from my readers.

They always threw in questions and I was really inspired to give great feedback so in short, my fans kept the column alive.

Q. You are now well known for Bak2skul annual festival. How did it all start?
I have been into event organizing from my teenage years when I used to organize my friend’s birthday parties and they were very successful.

Bak2school started off at home when I was with my cousins and one of them celebrated her birthday on the 3rd of January.

We decided to throw a party for her at Yarona lodge, invited people and it was packed so we felt that we could host a bigger and better party the following year.

Q. This is unbelievable!
But it’s true. That birthday party was packed and that is when I realised that people don’t go home for holidays which inspired me to throw a bigger and better party for them at the beginning of the year.

It was in January 2003 then and 2004 I decided to have same party at Yarona lodge and themed it back to school.

The entrance fee was P100 for men and accommodated two ladies accompanying the man.

You wouldn’t believe it, the lodge was packed and the whole idea was to have more ladies at the show.

Q. Why ladies?
(Laughs) simply because where there are more ladies, men are easily attracted so it was our strategy.

Q. Who were the artists featured on your first bak2skul event?
It was big and I had local acts at the show but Oscar B and Lenty were the main acts.

This festival has always been a success.

Q. How do you measure its success?
For anything that you do yo set yourself goals and if you surpass your set targets and goals then that means you are doing well.

That has always been the case with Bak2skul.

Q. You are speaking in tongues.
Ok! Mr. Dan, in simple terms whenever we set a target to have hundred revellers coming to our show we have more that hundred and even close to five hundred coming to the show.

Q. Please tell us about Bak2skul merchandise. Who comes up with all these creative branding?
First of all our idea is to appeal to everyone because we are not only targeting young people as people think.

We are also hunting for adults to be our customers so when I sit down and think of what to put in our merchandise I think of elders and the young people out there.

I look at what they do and how they speak everyday and I put that to my work.

This is simply visible in my Bak2skul lingo.

Q. What’s up for this year’s festival?
This year’s theme is all about Physical Education (PE) and all our merchandise are PE clothes.

Even the stage and performances will be in a school set up like you used to do back at school.

We are going to have all sorts of game lined up at the Bak2Skul grounds in Gaborone north.

We don’t just want to come dance and leave but we want action.

And hey, this year we are giving one of the lucky revellers a new VW Golf car.

Q. That car is very expensive. How much do you guys make from your festival?
When we say we have made a loss is when we fail to cover all our costs but that has never happened.

We believe that if we can grow this brand we will reap the fruits later.

That’s how I can only respond to your question.

Q. What do you do during the year if not busy with Bak2skul which only comes once in a year?
I don’t just sit home Mr D. My company offers a lot of services so during the year I remain busy working just like you do.

Thanks for your time and you are very blessed because you are putting your final word on our paper for this year. Blow your horn.
I would like to take this moment to thank all those who have been supporting me and the whole Ba2skul crew for the past 11 years. I urge them to be very safe.

Please drive safely to and from the Bak2skul event.

We will provide a bus to transport those who don’t have cars to Gabs North where the event will be held.

Q. Thanks Taes and we wish you all best in your holidays.
Much appreciated Dan but there is no holiday for me it will only come around March next year.





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