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CUTTING BACK: A gift for the whole family

CUTTING BACK: A gift for the whole family

So many choices, so much stuff… but what do I really want to give to the people who matter the most to me this year, and how will I pay for it?

Christmas is just a few days away and the advertising world is cranking up the pressure for us to splash our cash on flashy gifts… regardless of whether or not we have enough in the bank to pay all our bills.

“No money? No worries; you can buy on credit.

It’s easy and you and your loved ones deserve the best.”

Yeah, right; easy… well maybe before the payments become due, but there is nothing easy about forking out more in interest charges than you would have paid for an item in the first place if you had handed over all the money when you bought it.

As a matter of fact, maybe all those interest payments are the reason so many people don’t have enough for the bills and to splash out a bit on presents at this time of year.

This could be seen as a bummer of a topic for the Christmas issue, and it certainly wouldn’t appear to be in the best interests of my employers who rely on advertising income to pay their bills and their employees.

But then again, it isn’t in anyone’s interest, not even the banks, for a huge percentage of the population to get so far into debt that they can’t afford the necessities let alone the luxuries of life.

That’s why I’ve come back to this topic now instead of waiting for the New Year’s resolutions issue when it will be too late to do anything about this season’s spending spree.

Okay, some of you might agree that it’s silly to throw away cash you haven’t even earned yet on interest payments, but you still may be wondering how you can justify cutting back on how much you spend on gifts for the kids, or the husband or wife or the girlfriend or boyfriend.

Well, that brings us back to the old time versus money issue.

It seems to me that once you get locked into repaying debts it becomes almost impossible to cut back on your work load and you risk having to spend more and more time chasing money instead of with your loved ones to the point where you only see them first thing in the morning and just before bed time.

That’s not good; but what’s so terrible about having to talk about money matters and other important issues with your kids or your mate?

My personal experience has been that sitting down with people I care about, sharing my problems and asking for their input seems to be a far greater gift than anything I could buy with my MasterCard.

Anyway, if you are looking for a great gift idea this holiday season for those special people in your life, maybe you should consider keeping your credit card in your wallet a bit more often so you will be able to give them more of your time all year long.



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