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AS ACCOLADES streamed from leaders worldwide, I wondered what African leaders drew from the legend that was Tata Madiba Nelson Mandela.

MadibaDespite whatever flaws Tata Mandela may have, he remains the true embodiment of humility, peace, love, inspiration and purity.

Never before have I admired a human being the way I adored the former President of South Africa.

His decision to vacate the presidential seat when he did is an aspiration the likes of Rre Robert Mugabe can draw from!

As for other African leaders, we look up to them to drag Africa from the chains of oppression and poverty.

In vain! with beata kasale beatak@thevoicebw.com TATA MADIBA Most African leaders are too obsessed with acquiring wealth that they disregard the challenges faced by their own people.

They strive to satisfy their own greed and are too concerned with self-enrichment at the expense of their people.

The common trait in African leadership is for the Presidents to grab land, minerals, property to name a few.


Thereafter their lieutenants scramble for whatever is left and do not know when to stop.

This is a vicious circle which strips African leaders of their dignity and power as they find it difficult to control their ministers and high ranking officials when they engage in theft and corruption.

They live in fear of what their partners in crime would expose if they ask them to stop their theft from the people.

This is why Africa has the most natural resources but her people are the poorest in the world.

African leaders must not just pour condolences to the passing of such a great man.

They must learn from him, emulate his love for the people and learn the power of forgiveness.

This is a man who taught the world the power of forgiveness.

This is the man who embraced all races in South Africa to create a rainbow nation.

A man who believed people of all races, creed and colour can live together in harmony.

Long live Tate Madiba… Your legacy will remain eternally.

You were a true son of the soil — a true African prophet.

Batswana should wake up!

AS A HARDWORKING Motswana, I am tired of being labelled… “Batswana are lazy”. And I know I’m not! It is high time we shed this negative image and aspire to become high achievers who strive for good work ethics and excellent service delivery.

On Monday I woke up with extreme pain that had me limping into the Bokamoso Private Hospital emergency room.

I found a very nice receptive lady who registered me.

I admired the good service, but this was erased the moment I entered the examination room where my aches and pain were aggravated by a very sullen nurse.

There were two nurses.

A very friendly nurse and a very angry one.

Although I am a diabetic, I hardly visit hospitals as I am basically on top form.

My heart went out to patients who have to face such irate and unfriendly nurses as the one I met.

It is high time service providers realise that they are not forced to go to work.

If they don’t like their work they should resign and give others the opportunity.

As I rested on a hospital trolley bed, a very friendly Zimbabwean doctor came and assessed my condition.

Just talking to him I felt healed already. Then a male nurse, Nathan, (another Zimbabwean) came to stick needles in my arm for an intravenous drip as well as to give me a jab.

He wasso friendly that I hardly felt any pain.


I felt I was in good hands. The experience with the sullen nurse had left me desolate and wondering whether I was at the right place.

Unlike a shop, where I can storm out and seek better service somewhere else, one cannot just walk out of a hospital while in pain.

However, this should not place us at the mercy of irresponsible culprits who will stop at nothing to smear a bad image of a good place or business.

Batswana must wake up and smell the coffee… The days of being bigger than the job are over. This is an era where service comes first.

Following my health scare, I have to periodically check my blood pressure.

This took me to Raserura health clinic, where I met a friendly happy nursing sister eager to check my blood pressure.

And I thought who says public health is poor… No way.

Enjoy your festive season. Love, travel and drive safely! Come back rejuvenated, ready to build Botswana.



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