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Pontsho Moloi

Pontsho Moloi

Mochudi Centre Chiefs captain, Pontsho Moloi would like to apologise for the most unfortunate incident that happened during the Mascom Top 8 second leg quarterfinal match against Township Rollers at the University of Botswana stadium on November 29, 2013.

By way for background, Moloi was selected man of the match for the Chiefs-Rollers game but was not available for the post-match interview.

“I note with regret, the circumstances that took place after the match that led to my failure to attend a post-match interview as well as receive the man of the match award from the sponsors,” he said.

He continued to say, “I do not believe that the agony of defeat paled in the face of the unnecessary side show that arose from the tension of the game is the reason I missed the post-match interview.”

“I was the first player to leave the pitch to the dressing room and by the time the organisers tried reaching me, I had already gone to shower.

I could only make it back into the pitch late after which I was told that the interviews were over.

All things being normal, I wish to reiterate my heartfelt humiliation that this anomaly may have caused to the sponsors, broadcasters and the entire football family,” he said.

However, notwithstanding this irregularity which continues to haunt the relations between some of the BFA structures and football players, FUB on behalf of the player, wishes to sincerely apologise to the nation and the sponsor as we believe that this matter could have been handled much better.

Lastly, we can only hope that all those involved in the game will for the sake of our football try and give a positive image of the game, a more clean and appealing football product.



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  1. kelz monowe 2013/12/16

    thank you very much, Re a leboga it means a lot to our footbal and us as centre chiefs fans we really appreciate that.. See you soon back in action

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