HAPPY FAMILIES: The Budi brothers and their wives

HAPPY FAMILIES: The Budi brothers and their wives

It was a family affair for two brothers last Saturday when they walked down the aisle in tandem with their brides in a joint wedding ceremony.

Slylvester Budi and his younger brother Biki celebrated their special day together with wives Kamogelo and Gorata as the massed ranks of family and friends applauded the extraordinary ceremony in their home village of Bobonong.

Sylvester told theVoice that they had decided to conduct the dual ceremony because he and his brother had always been very close.

“As kids we were inseparable and even now we live and work together at the Orapa mine.

You could say that getting married at the same time was a unique expression of brotherly love.”

He went on to say, “The family loved it particularly our mother Gosego.

There were some funny moments in the dual ceremony with the well wishers having to change the standard speech.

They had to remember to say everything in the plural, and it was a bit of a struggle to fit that into the usual ceremony.

“It was such a great family occasion.

I hope that if our two younger sisters get married they will do the same thing,” he added with a smile.

The joint ceremony also cut down on costs with the happy couples even sharing the wedding cake at the reception.

Now that the brothers are married they will live in separate accommodation, but still remain close-by since they will be neighbours.







  1. re a le lebogisa boora…Budi,Masego le Matlhogonolo go bahumagadi ba lona…!Modimo a ba tshwaraganye jaaka lona le tshwaraganye…

  2. dicks dee 2013/12/17

    go gontle thata.iwish u gud luck our wedding.a basadi ba lona ba bone lorato lolo tswhwaraganeng le bone ba thshwaragane.

  3. letimone 2013/12/20

    life goes on

  4. lololo 2013/12/23

    My congratulations to be couples. Modimo ke yoo.

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