Cartoon-for-13-12-2013Our reporter Portia Ngwako heard a conversation about how Orapa miners are allegedly womanisers who engage in love affairs with students.

One of the passengers received a call from her husband who is a miner and that triggered the conversation.

Short hair: Hehehehe! (Laughing) I have just received a call from my husband asking me where Tawana Primary School is located.

I wonder what he want in a primary school. Men are tricky nowadays Maybe he has a child and he wants to register him for standard 1.

Driver: It is very painful when your husband fathers a child outside marriage.

Short hair: Eish, I cannot imagine what would happen if I was to find myself in such a predicament.

I would probably relocate to the UK, far from that bastard and cheating husband. Witchcraft would probably come in handy as I deal with both the two cheats.

Everybody laughs

Driver: This is real. It happens in other families. Imagine finding the truth after being in a marriage for so many years.

There would be no more trust. You start to ask yourself how many more secrets he has.

Short hair: It is better to get married to someone with kids already than have someone have children with another woman when you are already married to them.

This is an era of sexually transmitted diseases.

Blue Top: The reason why numbers of HIV infected people increase is because partners are not faithful to each other.

Driver:It’s better for women to be married than just be satisfied with being girlfriends.

A married woman at least is protected by the law.

She can fight for her man unlike a girlfriend.

Short hair: Married men in Orapa are worse.

I have a neighbor who does not respect his wife.

Recently he was caught with a form three student.

Blue Top: Aaah! That is defilement.

Short hair: Students in junior and senior schools are in relationships with our husbands.

If you want to be annoyed just board a combi with ma14 (young girls).

They are not even ashamed of it; they publicly talk about how they are spoiled by married men.

Driver: They do not know that they are being used and by the time they reach our age they will be worn out.

Blue top: Miners are vultures. These kids think they are loved yet they are abused.

Short Hair: Recently when I was traveling by combi from Letlhakane a young girl was boasting about being in a relationship with a married man.

‘Choma I really enjoyed my weekend. I was with that guy, drinking beer and watching movies at his house. He spoiled me,’ The young girl said.

Blue Top: She was not even ashamed of herself.

Children of today do not even respect elders like we did during our teenage hood.

Short Hair: It happened that the wife of that sugar daddy was in the same combi.

That girl seems to have been passing remarks. The bitter wife nearly strangled her but fortunately we were there to rescue le14.

That woman was angry I felt pity for her.

We reached disease control barrier/gate and changed the topic





  1. letimone 2013/12/20

    MA14 a ntsha mmoto

  2. cereal.com 2013/12/23

    Just shows how untrue this is, there is no disease barrier gate to Orapa from Letlhakane. Again, “Choma I really enjoyed my weekend. I was with that guy, drinking beer and watching movies at his house. He spoiled me,’ The young girl said.” the statement itself doesnt mention a married Man!

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