Young and talented Candidate Master Thato Olebile has promised his much fancied and experienced chess opponent International Master Providence Oatlhotse a bruising battle for supremacy.

Mahalapye-born Olebile and most feared chess player in Oatlhotse were yesterday (Thursday) evening expected to cross swords during a Blind Fold Challenge at the Yarona Country Lodge in Mogoditshane.

22-year-old Olebile of Enpassent Chess Club is young and talented while Oatlhotse from Mobile Chess Club is the highest titled and best decorated male chess player in the country.

It is a real experience versus talent kind of a match between the two chess players. Olebile is a promising chess player while Oatlhotse has been in the game of chess for such a long time.

Olebile is determined to make his name in the game of chess. And for him to become, he has to beat the best.

In an interview with Voice Sport this week, Olebile boldly declared that he ready for the acid test and take the bull by its horns.

“Oatlhotse is a most titled player in the country. But I think time has come for someone like me to take over,” said Olebile ahead of the first ever competitive Blind Fold Challenge.

Despite being most decorated chess player in the country, Olebile said Oatlhotse will be playing against a fighter that is so determined in him.

“I never quit at the sight of a challenge,” said the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in marketing student at the University of Botswana (UB).



The young chess player is drawing confidence from the fact that he played four competitive matches against Oatlhotse and won once, drew twice and lost once.

“This is the perfect opportunity for me to show the country’s most titled chess player that a new international master is in the making,” said the talented player.

Contacted for a comment, Oatlhotse is of the belief that his 11-year spell in the game of chess will come handy as he faces a promising player. 27-year-old Oatlhotse admitted that Olebile is a talented and very smart player by nature.

“I am looking forward to the challenge. This is also an opportune occasion to prove to him that he needs two or more years to reach to the level I am right now thanks to the platform by the BCF,” said a boastful Oatlhotse.

This is part of Botswana Chess Federation (BCF)’s strategy to close its calendar in an exciting manner.

A Blind Fold play also known as sans voir is a form of chess where players do not see nor touch the positions and the pieces.

The players communicate the moves verbally through a recognized chess notation.






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