Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Kitso Mokaila says his ministry is investigating Kalahari Energy over fracking allegations.

Kalahari Energy currently holds a prospecting license for gas mining in the mmashoro area, which is situated in the Serowe North west constituency in the Central district.

A few weeks ago, minister Kitso Mokaila came out with guns blazing insisting that fracking was a smear campaign by international NGO’s who are against some Botswana Government domestic and international policies.

Mokaila has however gone back on his past statements and confirmed earlier this week that Kalahari Energy is very likely to face stiff penalties for their involvement in illegal fracking activities.

This comes immediately after, continued reports on fracking activities in Mmashoro by the international media.

Mokaila says “we have put Kalahari Energy on the radar for investigation, after we discovered that they are the only gas prospectors in the country who have equipment that is allegedly used for illegal fracking activities.”

He admitted that they realized about fracking late because fracking is a difficult activity to monitor.

Last week a concerned group of Serowe cattle barons’ succesfully petitioned their area MP Tshekedi Khama who is also the Minister for wildlife and Tourism to launch an investigation on Fracking activites in their farming area.

Minister Tshekedi Khama admitted that they were caught off guard and measures are being put in to place to ensure that mining companies need to be monitored to avoid fracking activities in the future.

Michael Phiri, a Serowe cattle baron says that he has been vindicated, he says:

“I’m impatiently waiting for the outcome of the investigation.” Mmashoro, a place which holds a large cattle population, was recently demarcated in to ranches by the Serowe land board.


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