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Peo Sebotho AKA Miss P shared this to her followers on Twitter

“Gaborone men 0 and Shakawe men 10. I saw it this weekend. Gabs guys are busy trying to fight rumors of being gay than being real men.”

Hello Miss P, Shaya would like to advise you to start dating real men. Don’t paint all men as gay, we are not the ones who sent you to date a gay guy.

I think time has come for us to invite serious pastors to pray for our celebrities.

Some of them seem to be possessed by a demon of fists. Last week it was all over the media that one ‘celeb’ had punched a woman.

The concerned man did say it was a mistake but this past weekend another celeb who was co-hosting at an annual notorious event threw his fists around hitting two gentleman at the VIP area in a fight apparently for a woman.

The former radio presenter who was once engaged in a foreign country is said to have dislocated the victim’s jaws.

Apparently the divorced former radio presenter had sneaked another man’s girlfriend into the VIP area and when the man enquired about his girlfriend’s whereabouts, the former radio presenter started throwing blows. Shame on you brother.

NO LOOK ALIKE HEREAutlwetse-&-Khama

Let me just start off by congratulating the Goliath of our day, comrade Kgotla Autlwetse who managed to prove that dynamites come in small packages.

Oh! Sorry to you Ndelu for the loss. Now back to the issue at hand, there is a picture that has been circulating on social network with people claiming that Autlwetse looks like our former president Sir Seretse Khama.

Shaya has taken a close look at the picture and honestlyI don’t see any resemblance here. But anyhow here is the picture for you to be the judge.


Shaya was one of the thousands who thronged the beach party event over the weekend and I am not even shy to say I enjoyed seeing everything I saw.

One thing I like about the beach party is that you don’t have to imagine anything because everything is just there before your eyes for you to see and enjoy.

My good Lord! At some point I was confused and even thought I was now at some sex party because of kids who were busy kissing each other.

Well I didn’t waste a minute as I snapped the moments.

Well can the organisers make this awesome party a twice a year event already!


I always say it and I will keep on saying it until it goes down someone’s brain that I don’t care about other people’s businesses unless if rubbed on my face.

I didn’t want to ask anything about Ozi F-Teddy and Sasa Klas but because I spot them together at almost every event I go to then they should explain to me.

Dear Sasa and Ozi what’s going on or its just two rap artists coming together for fun?

Whatever that is happening Shaya wishes you two all the best.



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  1. Rraagwe Elang 2013/12/17

    Bo miss P are bitter coz us real men are already taken.

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