Cartoon-for-6-12-2013Recently Maun based Voice Reporter, Daniel Chida went swimming at Maduo Lodge where a conversation about people urinating in the pool brought the whole swimming session to a halt.

Local DJ: Do not hold your nose when going under water, just hold your breath and go, you will know how to swim.

Head gear: I tried but ended up drinking this water.

Young lady: Did you say drinking pool water?

Head gear: Yes, is there a problem with that?

Young lady: You know what? Those men at the corner there have been drinking too much alcohol before swimming and I have not seen any of them going to the toilet since jumping into the pool.

Head Gear: You think people urinate into the pool while swimming, if it is true then it can’t right to do that.

A man with a bald head overhears the conversation and shouts at the top of his voice.

Bald Head: It’s very cold outside and the toilets are far.

I am going to urinate where I am after all its liquid into water.

Hear Gear: No! Please don’t do that. It’s a health hazard to the swimmers.

You know that we swallow part of the water while swimming.

Bald Head: I do it or I do not do it you will never know.

DJ: Watch out my man because pools differ, in some pools water will change colour in the area where you have urinated.

Be careful you would be embarrassed if that happened to you.

Woman in maroon: You guys are complaining about someone urinating in the pool?

what about me, I am on my periods.

DJ: Why are you swimming then?

Woman in maroon: I cannot spoil my weekend just because I am on my periods. Many women just swim while on periods too.

It’s a fact and you have to live with it. Only a little bit of my menstrual blood will go into the water, it is not like I am bleeding.

Head Gear: It is better I get out, this pool is full of unhygienic people.

Some are urinating inside while some are contaminating the water with their periods.

DJ: I know people like to urinate inside the pool but have not heard of women on periods swimming please get out before I call security.

Woman in maroon: How will they know that I am telling the truth, will they check my private parts?

Young Lady: Please guys just change your topic because you are disgusting us and spoiling our fun.

If someone did those evil things let it pass because we did not see it.

Anyhow you cannot expect water with semi naked people to be clean after all.

Some of you did not bath and instead of swimming they are bathing and some came with dirty underwear, let’s just swim and forget about the rest.

Few remain behind while many leave the pool one after another as this conversation dies down.




  1. letimone 2013/12/09

    eish le ma*epa gare ga marago, ke se*ono sa pidipidi hela

  2. ggal 2013/12/10

    go tshwanetse ga tshelwa chemical to kill the germs. otherwise……..

  3. magomoroh 2013/12/11

    Aish marrrrr ke life

  4. uniqkleb 2013/12/11

    hahahahahahahahaha…yoooh!as long s ppl jumps in water naked or dressed, surely something dirty l b left behind…hehehe imagine mongwe a tswa ntlwaneng a sa itshutlha n jumps into the pool

  5. Chris M 2013/12/14

    Boatla! Damn!

  6. Kesa 2013/12/16

    Ha ha ha…. @ uniqkleb and letimone..
    Le dipuo bana ke lona….

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