REWARDED: Tati Nickel employees

REWARDED: Tati Nickel employees

Tati Nickel Mining Company this week awarded deserving employees for their long service and loyalty in the past ten and twenty five years.

When addressing recipients, TNMC Managing Director Sergey Steshenko commended them for their hard work and commitment.

He said job market is characterized by high labour mobility both locally and internationally.

“TNMC and other mining companies in Botswana have one way or the other experienced this situation due to shortage of skills in the country.

The length of time you have served at Tati Nickel is a gesture of commitment and it must be highly recognized.

You are now much wiser and have gained lot of valuable experience and you must continue to build on it and at the same time share it,” said Steshenko

He said he was proud of the employees as he genuinely associated them with the success of the company in production and safety and that such were results of dedication, loyalty and hard work.

He said they also invested in development of their employees skills.

One of the recipients Simon Sepolwane said working at TNMC was quite an experience.

He said it was not an easy journey as there were rumours that the mine life span would soon come to an end.

He said the other thing was that the company was up for sale.




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