Samantha..She is new to the music industry but her hit song with rapper Zeus has catapulted her to the top. 

But for Samantha Mogwe it is only the beginning.

The 25 -year -old artist had a chat with Voice reporter, Daniel Kenosi about music and her life in general.

Q. I see what looks like an engagement ring on your finger.

Should we expect wedding bells soon?

Yes! Someone has claimed his territory and that’s all I am going to say

Q. Where does Samantha come from?

Samantha Mogwe is a 25- year- old lady from ‘Gangwaketsi’ but sometimes I get confused about where I really come from.

Q. What confuses you?

My dad is a ‘Mongwaketsi’ but I grew up in Mochudi where my grandmother is from and my mother is from Zambia so it’s a bit of a mix.

I am half Motswana and half Zambian but none the less I am more Motswana because I was born and raised here.

Q. Is there anything else that you do besides music?

I finished school last year so I can honestly say I do music full time.

I used to work part time during my student days, but when the music bug really bit me I had to quit my job and focused on singing.

It was not an easy decision to make because I was not sure whether music would be able to sustain me, but I just decided to take the risk.

I’m not saying I’m having it easy, but with the bigger picture in mind, which is to transcend beyond Botswana boarders, I will make it.

Q. When did you discover your talent?

Two years ago when I decided to join the industry, I sat down and did a research.

I met some of the artists who have been around before and I proposed that we put up a show together.

I didn’t have money then but I still managed to pull it off.It was a show about music and poetry.

After the show I analysed and noticed that I was not doing badly because it was the first time I performed on my own.

After that show I didn’t look back and hosted a bigger one at Botswana Craft which was well attended and people started taking notice of me.

Q. Does that mean you only noticed your singing talent in 2011?

Not really. I sang at church Ok! It all started when I was a teenager , I was 13 then and I didn’t really take it seriously because I used to hide behind other choir members but a year later my friend pushed me to join ‘My African Dream’ talent show.

That’s where I started to think about taking my talent to a higher level.

Q. How did you perform at My African Dream?

I had stage fright. I was in a group and we sang without instruments something that was very unique to the competition.

We came second in our category; we really wanted to win but an older person won.

I still remember that person who beat us even after so many years because I was really hurt that we lost.

Q. Who is that artist?

Her name is Rudo. I was so hurt.

Q. What came after My African Dream competition?

I then diverted to poetry. My sister used to recite poems with the likes of T.J Dema.

It was that time when poetry became popular in Botswana because they used to host poetry sessions every month.

From that time on I started appreciating poetry more than anything.

While I was there I joined a poetry competition which I won but unfortunately I never received all promised prizes.

Luckily for me I did not let that get to me; I remained focused.

Q. What was your parent’s reaction when you went into singing?Samantha-Mogwe

There were issues with school but I didn’t let my music get into the way of my school work.

My parents didn’t say anything or express concern about it but I had to keep up my grades just to win their trust.

My family is very supportive because most of my cousins have been allowed to explore their talents before but I think at some point my parents were very scared for me because there is no security in Botswana’s music industry.

You know that in Botswana most parents want their children to go to university and become doctors or pursue any career like that with financial security.

I think my parents were also on that route but they had to let me be happy and do what pleases me.

Q. What genre is your music?

It’s fusion. I love R n’ B and soul music too so I have found a way to bring the two together.

Q. How many songs have you written or recorded so far?

I have written a lot of songs some of which are not good enough to be recorded because they were not up standard.

I have recorded 19 songs for my upcoming album.

Q. How do you define music and what is music to you?

Music is soul; music is from the heart and from deep within.

I can’t even describe it but I feel so unfortunate I can’t put it into words. It’s joy.

Q. Please take us into your family and how you were raised.

My family is mmmm!! Ok! I have two older siblings so I am the last born but I hope there are no signs that I am the last born because last borns are always perceived to be spoilt brats but I am not one.

I was raised in Mochudi by my grandmother with my other favourite cousin while my parents were in Gaborone with my other siblings.

I think my parents were not comfortable with letting me stay with our maid for too long.

Q. Why wouldn’t they want to stay with you? Were you a problem child?

I was a very good child. I was ‘mama’s best girl.

I think because my parents were very busy so they didn’t want me to be raised by our maid so she let me stay with my grandmother so that she could teach me life skills.

My grandmother raised me quite well. There were many rules in the house.

Q. What rules? And which was the most irking rule in the house?

One that I remember well is that we were not allowed to watch television in the afternoon and I never understood why, but I think she wanted us to play outside with other kids and learn to socialize and that’s why I am not shy to interact with anyone I meet.

I remember at six in the evening we all had to be home bathing and around seven that’s when we would watch TV.

Sundays were strictly church days and we couldn’t be absent because my grandmother made sure we woke up on time to be the first ones in church.

Q. Do you still go to church?

Yes. I will never stop going to church.

If I am not busy I make sure that I go to church. I believe in God because I feel I am here because of the Almighty.

Q. Thank you very much for your time. What’s up for the weekend?

This is a very busy month for me so I will be out performing and lastly I would like to thank everyone out there for their support.






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