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TALKING INSURANCE: Catherine Letlegele-Lesetedi

TALKING INSURANCE: Catherine Letlegele-Lesetedi

A life cover policy not only provides for the eventuality of death, but can also create prosperity for the policy holder while he/she is still alive.

It can open doors to opportunities such as home and business ownership.

Your life cover policy can be ceded to mortgage lenders and business financiers as security for you to acquire a loan if you have no other assets to provide as collateral.

A one-size-fits-all approach to life cover products presupposes that markets are homogenous. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As with any product or service, gone are the days when all life cover products were created the same, regardless of the unique circumstances of the potential clients.

That’s why Botswana Life has developed Pinagare Premier Life Cover, a life cover product that is not only affordable, but is also highly flexible.

One of the key features of Pinagare Premier is the fact that it requires no medical underwriting, including HIV testing.

This takes the hassle out of the process of taking up a life cover policy.

All one has to do is submit a proposal/application form with proof of identity, bank account and proof of income.

There are no trips to a medical practitioner for any kind of medical tests.

Although Botswana Life encourages individuals to test and know their HIV status, your status or medical condition in general will not be a pre-requisite for you taking out this policy.

This levels the playing field and allows everyone the opportunity to own a life cover product.

Another dimension to this product’s flexibility is that when you take out Pinagare Premier Life Cover, there is an option to augment your cover with capital disability cover.

This is simply insurance that you take out in case you get totally and permanently disabled and cannot continue to perform your own or any suited occupation. In case this happens, the cover pays you a lump sum so you can continue to have an income.

For example, if you’re an artist by occupation and you sustain an injury that totally and permanently makes it impossible to use your hands again to paint or sculpt, you will be entitled to a lump sum payout as a result of your capital disability cover.

In this way, Pinagare Premier not only covers you in the event of death, but also covers you in case you’re not able to earn a living because of injury.

The minimum term for Pinagare Premier Life Cover is five (5) years.

As long as you’re not above the age of 60, you can take up this policy, and it will cover you for a term of your choice until the age of 70.

Depending on your age, the level of cover you choose and the term of your policy, your monthly premiums can be as affordable as P130.

The minimum cover on Pinagare Premier Life Cover is P100,000 and the maximum cover is P500,000.

This gives you the flexibility to choose cover that suits both your needs and your pocket.

Insurance need not be complicated. Pinagare Premier Life Cover makes getting life insurance easy.

It is a flexible, affordable and hassle-free product.

Like all other Botswana Life products, Pinagare Premier Life Cover is available through a wide and supportive network of agents and brokers countrywide.

More information on it and other Botswana Life products is available at www.botswanalife.co.bw.

You can also obtain more information by calling the Botswana Life Contact Centre at 362 3700.




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