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Ghetto-ArtistesIn collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Ghetto Artistes Organization has embarked on campaigns aimed at raising cancer awareness.

From Tuesday this week until yesterday (Thursday), Ghetto Artistes performed at a number of locations in Francistown.

And from tomorrow (Saturday) until next week Tuesday, the renowned theatre group will be spreading the gospel of cancer in the copper mining township of Selebi-Phikwe.

On the 12th of December, the popular group will be at Mathangwane village. “Cancer is killing a lot of our people in Botswana,” said Saone Bikitshane, the project coordinator.


A near stampede was experienced at the Nswazwi Mall in Francistown when residents here shoved and pushed each other to have a glimpse of Captain Dira.

Diratsagae Mahupela, a traditional music icon who has since adopted mosakazo was performing at the Youth against Alcohol Abuse road show staged next to the Francistown bus rank.

The Bula Sekele hit maker rocked the city. Francistown residents braved the sweltering heat in order to witness the captain of music on the stage. Many people, especially ladies, were overheard screaming on top of their voices.

Many wanted the music guru to leave the stage and dance with them down on the ground.


He started as a mere dancer. But the Francistown based musician, popularly known as Madala is surely on the rise.

Onkagetse Mfila, an owner of a dancing school in Francistown, has been making waves with his MAD Girls during performances.

Mfila is flexible while on stage and his students, whom most of them he exposes to the members of the public during performances have plucked a dancing leaf from their tutor.

This is to build a platform for the future music industry such that musicians do not struggle for dancers.

Despite the low appreciation from the members of the public, Mfila said he will not give in. He is optimistic that it is a matter of time before the music community appreciates what he is doing.


She emerged from the crowd, donned in a big floral skirt and spotting a clean shaven head.

This was Sharon Sibonge as she performed at the launch of the anti rape campaign in Francistown.

In the dim light, her velvet voice pierced through and the gathering at the event responded appreciatively. She started by singing Celine Dion’s songs.

The way she worked her voice left many in awe as the talented former MyStar contestant fell short of matching the international artists like Rihana on stage.

A group of white attendance at the event could not believe their ears as the Kalanga-speaking singer reminds them of the olden days.

It was beautiful to say the least.    






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