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Although it’s clearly not the best solution, you really can’t blame President Khama for increasing the alcohol levy when you look at the way some folks behave after imbibing the holy waters.

Shaya doesn’t have a problem with people who drink responsibly but it really gets to me when someone leaves their comfortable house, go out and fill themselves up with alcohol to the point where they forget to go back home.

Look at this dude captured over the weekend at Orange ‘Monyaka’ festival.

All these people snapped here decided to lay their head whereever they were at.

A piece of advice from Shaya; next time drink water to save yourself the embarrassment and let us the responsible ones handle the booze.


Psst!Have you heard?

Apparently some senior players at one of the Gaborone based football club have turned themselves into sex pests and are not even shy to brag about it.

Shaya has been informed that one of the players, a married businessman is always on the hunt for sex victim has allegedly turned the club’s netball team his playground.

One of the sisters from the netball team told yours truly that they are now fed up with the senior player’s behaviour because he goes around town bragging that he has bedded almost all Notwane netball players.

Dear brother, Shaya would like to warn you to desist from entertaining ‘ma-14’ because they never keep secrets. Be warned.


If you can identify the gentleman above (why do I even call him gentleman?).

Ok, Lets start again.

If you can identify the jerk pictured here, please call him to order,especially if he is your relative.

He was spotted at a top event in town this past weekend scrambling for left overs from the VIP area despite the fact that he was also part of VIP where food and drinks were free.

You should call him to order for embarrassing you and your family because his behaviour suggested there was no food in his house so he was using the best of what he got at that time and next time please feed him before you release him.
playing-jazz‘BLOODY’ TROMPIE

There are two things that I don’t like on earth, death and ageing.

I felt so sorry recently when I met Trompies group members and noticed that age has already caught up with them.

They have been on the entertainment scene since the 90′s and one could tell that the energy is dead.

What got my attention more was however one of the group members who was oozing blood from his mouth because one of his fake tooth had fallen off.

Don’t force it guys, just retire and start playing jazz or go farming.


Everyone is talking about how Bissau punched a South African celebrity over the weekend.

Oh! Before that, Shaya just cant resist the urge to mention that the SA celebrity they are crowing about is not even a celebrity but a mere has been who once was on TV but is currently not.

Anyhow back to the issue at hand.

What this woman and her attention starved friends from across the border should have known is not to mess with local man about town Bissau because he has a bit of a reputation as a local karate kid, Shaolin because of his tendency to being involved in violent scenarios.

So next time whether you have been on SABC or not just respect our Master Shaolin when you meet him at any night club and all will be well.




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  1. ke mang yo buditseng sweerty lov gore nna kena jwala…hardy thr brothers…wena wa Trompies askies..heish ga ele yo wa di left overs its a shame…..!

  2. Tsotsi Wee 2013/12/13

    Bo Mr Kanga ba aja! Evr since he paid back th council his ill-gotten money he sims to be so poor & miserable.

  3. oeborupile 2014/01/14

    hahahah they named him”Mr Kanga”..

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