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Bathoen Bird Sanctuary under Bathoen Trust will host a cultural event on 13th December 2013.

The event filled day is aimed at celebrating the diverse cultural backgrounds of Bangwaketse under the theme “Ngwao yame mokgabo wame”.

The main aim is to revive all cultural activities that have long faded away in the Ngwaketse region.

Activities on the day will include poetry, setapa, polka, dikhwaere, and many traditional games.
Attendants will also have the opportunity to go for bird viewing and fishing at Mmakgodumo dam.

Some of the rare bird species include pelicans, bitterns, greber and other migratory ones.

There will be explore Kanye 18 KM walk as a pre activity to the main Mmakgodumo cultural festival on the 7th December .

The motive behind the walk will be to explore all historical sites around Kanye village. Starting point will be at Kgwakgwe hill at the old manganese mine to Pharing gorge via Lentswe la Serojana (where Bangwaketse under Kgosi Bathoen II fought Matebele),Kanye gorge ,Ramatea farm and many other sites.


2013 was indeed a bad year for folklore musicians.

The death of Stampore (Malefo Mokha) in January this year seems to have opened the flood gates.

The music industry has since lost an iconic woman in Bogadi Judith Sefhako whose infectious smile, unwavering belief in traditional way of living will be an inspiration for many generations to come.

A few days after Sefhako’s passing, another folk lore legend; Bokspits’ Andris Bok breathed his last, silencing his famous guitar.

SEFHAKOThese deaths follow the demise of another legend Johnny Kobedi in 2011.

The course for concern however is manner in which these talented people had lived on this earth before departing.

For individuals whose instruments have been a source of inspiration for many years, they lived in abject poverty.

Despite signing for kings and princesses they were the lowest of the lowest save for Sefhako.


Wonder what St Louis brandy tastes like?

Come to Wharic Park on 21st December where American R&B sensation Brandy Rayana Norwood would be performing alongside selected local artists at the St Lousi Summer Fest re-load.

The “Have you ever” and “Afrodisiac” hitmaker will arrive in the country on Tuesday 19th.  Norwood whose music evolved from herself titled debut as a 15 year old has now incorporated an adult contemporary and ballad heavy style to her urban pop sound.

Her work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including a Grammy Award, three American Music Awards and seven Billboard Music Awards.

The KBL sponsored show which has given local artists like A.T.I a platform to grow attracts thousands of revelers. Golden tickets cost P350 while VIP tickets go for P1000.


The Botswana Musicians Union Awards slated for next week Friday promises to the best ever if the hype is anything to go by. 

The current committee led by Phempherethe Pheto seems to be doing the right thing and Friday the 13th may not be a cursed day afterall.

In his previous speeches BOMU Secretary General Pagson Ntsie reiterated the importance of the awards to artists.

He gave an example of jazz sensation Nnunu Ramogotsi who was the biggest winner last year.

Her triumph at the awards saw Nnunu’s star grow tremendously and she recently toured Sweden.

“Winning a BOMU award boosts an artist’s profile which also makes them marketable,” said Ntsie.

The awards are this year going back to their natural home, Gaborone International Convention Centre.


If you thought the demise of car spinning in Botswana was the end for those with the knack for extreme motoring. I got news for you.

Spincity Motor Events Management have added another innovation to the drag city Lobatse.

Spin-City co-founder and Chairman Joseph P Khengere made links with Moosa Omarr, an enthusiastic kart racer to give birth to the first ultimate formula one karting experience in Botswana.

Situated at Aiport Junction, Kart City will open its gates this coming Sunday and all the petrol heads ae in for a treat.

The facility will feature ten (10) 270cc four stroke karts, shipped and bought from United Kingdom.

It will open from Tuesday to Friday from 2pm to 9pm and 10am to 10pm on weekends.

Mondays will be closed for circuit and kart maintenance for safety purposes.

The circuit will be a pay and ride system, the price structure which entails 8 laps with 2 warm up laps for with a combined track length of 4.7km with a launching price of P100.00 per person per ride.




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