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A BDP parliamentary hopeful suspended last week for electoral fraud has also been quizzed in connection with an elaborate license scam.

Top placed sources within security services have revealed that Christian Nthuba has been interrogated by the DIS and the DCEC regarding suspicions that he was part of a syndicate that issued fraudulent licenses and road permits while he was employed by the Department of Road Transport Services (DRTS)

While 30 DRTS officers in Gaborone, Mochudi, Molepolole and Lobatse were suspended from work for suspected corrupt practices, Nthuba alleged to be the king pin behind the money spinning scam resigned from DRTS recently to take up active politics.

The parliamentary hopeful for the Gaborone West Constituency had his dreams of participating in the upcoming BDP primary elections quashed last week Thursday when President Ian Khama slapped him with a letter of suspension.

He was accused in part of  “misconduct pertaining to certain fraudulent activities and electoral fraud, aiding and abetting and/or unlawful removal of election material from the party office, payment of bribes to a member of staff at the party office as an inducement to manipulate registration of membership voters roll and production of membership cards.”

Meanwhile the police in a joint operation with DCEC have since arrested and charged over 700 individuals with licenses obtained fraudulently from DRTS.

It is suspected that those arrested were assisted by the scam designed to sabotage the government system.

“ About 100 fraudulently obtained licenses have already been revoked and the owners charged with obtaining by false pretenses,” Divisional commander Crime Intelligence South central Cornelis Lesola said.

He added that police were soon to wrap up their investigations and hand over suspects to the Department of Public Prosecution for trial.

A Gaborone driving school owner blacklisted by his syndicate colleagues after one of his clients was nabbed, revealed in an interview how the scam worked.

In the story that The Voice initially broke two weeks ago he said that a potential client paid P5000 to the driving school owner who then arranged with DRTS examiners to make sure that same client passed both their theory and practical test.

Apparently all clients had to do was submit their forms to the examiner just like other learners and pretend to be taking the test.

Since the driving school owner would have made all the necessary arrangements and payments, clients were guaranteed a pass regardless of their competency.

Contacted on a phone number that is known to be his, Nthuba said: “ This is not Chris’ phone.

This is Ezekiel speaking but go ahead and write what they told you to write.”







9 Responses to “DOUBLE TROUBLE”

  1. cheerful 2013/12/02

    So how many people have used this method (Would be interesting to know the EXACT number) X 5000 = Someone smiling all the way to the bank??? + putting the new driver/s life (by not taking the exam) and others on the road at RISK = taking short cuts

    Just going through the first article there are flaws in the system that need to be tightened up

  2. Kesa 2013/12/03

    legodu ke leoo!

  3. xhwachaa 2013/12/04

    Mr Briber, o ne a batla go ya palamenteng a ye go briber paliamentary committees. Once a thief always..eliminate dem IAN KHAMA ba tlwaetse go gopela itsholelo ya lehatshe.

  4. Tsotsi Wee 2013/12/04

    the short,fat,ugly,rich old lady said:thrs nothin like somethin 4 free, 4 evrythin u get thrs a price 2 pay.i used 2 cry like a baby(i ws a baby then), whn i thought justice will nvr roll like a flood 4 these untouchble guys.

  5. cheerful 2013/12/04

    so licences have been revoked
    but what will happen to the MONEY that was taken from them?? It would be very wrong for those who have taken money to still keep the money

  6. cheerful 2013/12/04

    The money also should not be given back to those who paid for these licences.
    Know exactly how the money should be spent

  7. cheerful 2013/12/07

    Donate the money taken by those who were smiling all the way to the bank
    to”Bana Ba Letsatsi, a Maun Centre for Vulnerable and Abused children ” that has been in the news the children are only having ONE MEAL A DAY

  8. pretty 2013/12/09

    Ba rata di short cut gompieno jana ba charjitswe ka fraud.look at the number of accidents and lost lives tse di dirwang ke di incompetent drivers batho bone ba a ja madi mahala

  9. cheerful 2013/12/09

    700( COULD BE MORE) x 5000=3500000
    Donate the money taken by those who were smiling all the way to the bank
    to”Bana Ba Letsatsi, a Maun Centre for Vulnerable and Abused children ” that has been in the news the children are only having ONE MEAL A DAY

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