The ultimate bad ass MC

The ultimate bad ass MC

“HEART BEAT: In the music industry sex sells. That’s the concept; the point is to pull crowds to our shows.

We can bet that with what my dancers have to offer on stage you won’t want to miss any of my shows.”

He is a crowd puller and whenever he stages a performance he leaves the crowd begging for more.

This is none other than MC Maswe the rising star in the music industry who is making many to sit up and listen.

Voice reporter recently got closer to the Francistown based Mbaqhanga King and MC to get to know what keeps him on top of his game.

Q. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Thapelo Maleke.

I come from Ramotswa, a village South of Botswana.

I have however since relocated and I am now based in Francistown which has turned to be my favourite city. I come from a family of five.

Q. Are you married?

Yes I am married to my beautiful wife whom I met 18 years ago when I was still working for Botswana Defence Force.

We have two children, a daughter and a son.

Q. Please take us into your music career, when did it begin?

I developed interest in music back in 1989 when I was a vocalist and bass guitarist for a reggae group called Revelation Sounds.

I had dreadlocks then and I had to part ways with the group in 1994 when I joined the Botswana Defence Force.

Q. Were you still called MC Maswe then?

I only got that name in 2010 when I was developing my stable and that is when I felt the need to introduce ladies to my group hence the name ‘MC Maswe and the beauty queens.

Q. Why such a name?

Maswe is street lingo.

When people say ‘o maswe’, they mean you are the best. You are bad news.

It only came about back then when I used to be an MC at various shows and fans would approach me after the event and say “MC o Maswe.”

Q. Is there any influence you got from the late Mzansi star, Mahlathini?

Yes! I grew up listening to his music and that is how I developed so much interest in the same genre.

I remember back in the day, my mom used to have a pile of their records and I would listen to their songs often.MC-Maswe

Q. How many albums do you have so far?

I already have four albums.

I released my first album in 2008 titled ‘Bosele’ and since then I have always made sure I drop an album every year but this year I won’t be going into the studio to avoid being monotonous and I feel it’s time for me to introspect on my career.

Q. How do you manage to juggle all of these demanding jobs you have at hand?

It’s all about love, if you have a passion for something you will find time for it.

I strategically separate my time.

I spend eight hours at work and the rest are for me to fit in all other stuff and I believe maximum of six hours of sleep is enough.

Q. Do you ever really have time for the family?

Yea! I do but like I said it’s not easy.

I have to admit that its hectic but every minute I get I spare it for my loved ones even though at times my wife complains that I don’t give her much attention.

Q. Does she ever really understand and cooperate?

I am the head of the family and I am obliged to bring food to the table so she has no option but cooperate.

Just imagine if I was to just stay home as she would wish and just spend the whole day looking at each other, there won’t be food in the house.

But I do make time for her no matter what time I come back home and most of the time we sleep very late trying to catch up.

Q. How do your fans respond to your female dancers sexually suggestive and proactive moves?

People say a lot of things.

Some say my dancers are seducing people by their dances but its all talent they are displaying.

In most times I give them an idea of what I want as the band master, but they refine it and go an extra mile.

Q. Why skimpy skirts as their attire?

In the music industry sex sells.

That’s the concept; the point is to pull crowds to our shows.

We can bet that with what my dancers have to offer on stage you won’t want to miss any of my shows.

Please get me right we are not encouraging people to sleep around. But all I can say is in this business sex sells.

Q. I want you to think as a father and not as a businessman for a moment.
Would you allow your own daughter to be a member of your dancing crew or the young beauty queens?

I don’t have a problem with it.

My daughter danced with the young beauty queens until my wife stopped her. She wanted her to concentrate on her school work.

I was okay with her dancing.

There’s nothing wrong, because even in schools we have extra mural activities and dancing is one of them.Maswe

Q. Almost all successful artists are based in Gabs.Why did you chose Francistown?

My name is MC Maswe, I am different I don’t have a twin brother.

I think very differently. Most artists who are in Gaborone are suffering! Get me right I am not saying they are poor.

But it is only Franco, Culture Spears and Vee who are surviving!

Everyone one wants a share of the small loaf of bread.

Gaborone is too congested hence my decision to move here because of less competition.

Q. What challenges did you face in going up the ladder?

For many years I faced huge stumbling blocks, Botswana Television did not want to play my music or call me to perform on Mokgarakgana.

The reason they gave me for ignoring me was that they did not cater for my genre.

However I prayed and fought against that until they called me to perform.

It also took me two or three years for me to get recognised. In 2010 that’s when I began to get exposure in the media both private and public radio stations.

Q. Any future plans besides music?

Maybe I will have a church in future. Write that because I love God.

My aim is to teach people humility and simplicity.

D.O.B: 10 OCTOBER 1970




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