Lungisani and her son

Lungisani and her son


Like many mothers Lungisani Thini decided to have her 11-year-old son circumcised because she wanted him to have a healthier future.

Now she fears he may not have much of a future at all.

The distraught mum, 47, described how the boy’s penis was sliced open during the procedure that went terribly wrong at Tutume Primary hospital. She has now threatened to sue the government P5 million for negligence.

The botched procedure occurred in December last year, but Lungisani claims the hospital neither gave her an apology nor reacted urgently to repair the damage.

“I know mistakes do occur, but the way the hospital is handling my son’s case makes me feel they don’t care.

All I need now is compensation so that I can find medication and doctors to correct the blunder before it’s too late,” she said.

The mother of six revealed that the problem became evident shortly after the procedure when the boy experienced pain and difficulty when trying to urinate.

Although he was then referred to Nyangabgwe hospital, it soon became apparent that measures taken to repair the damage had been unsuccessful.

“When after a week they removed the pipe they had inserted in his penis they assured us that all would be well.

But before long the boy started complaining again.”

Lungisani went on to say that after returning to Nyangabgwe doctors said there was nothing they could do as her son urgently needed to see a specialist.

She told how he was then transferred to Maun, but claims all they are doing there is draining the urine twice every month from the pipe in his penis.

“As I speak, the boy’s education is being seriously affected because of the repeated journeys to hospital,” she added.

What upsets her most is the fact that apart from providing transport to Maun, the hospital does not assist the family financially for the numerous trips.

She also complained that the hospital has never counselled either her or her son.

“As a single mum it is very difficult for me to cope and since the people who are responsible don’t seem to care, I have decided to take legal action. Although I am poor, I will fight until I get justice,” Lungisani promised.

Taking up the case area councillor Moseki Mathodi said that he tried to follow up the matter, but was told it was none of his business.

“I went to the clinic where the operation was carried out, but the nurse in charge refused to talk to me regarding the case claiming confidentiality.

They even failed to liaise with the school regarding the boy’s problem until I personally went to alert the headmaster,” he said.

Tutume District Health Management Team (DHMT) Coordinator Dr Ntumba Kamayi, although acknowledging there was a problem, dismissed allegations that the hospital was not treating the matter with urgency.

“What happened is very sad, but mistakes do happen,” he said.

Kamayi went on to assure the public that such cases were rare, saying that at least 40 people a day were being circumcised at the Thini clinic.

“Why the boy’s case went wrong is still a shock to me,” the doctor said.




  1. Pharra Phatshwa 2013/04/12

    “What happened is very sad, but mistakes do happen,” he said.

    Waitse ngaka yo o tshwanetse a bo a sa tlala sentle; ke gore o tsaya gore mo ke small bag. ga itse gore botlhaswa jwa bone bo tsile go rontsha ngwana go akola nngwe ya ditlhokego tsa botshelo ebong leungo. waitse ke amega le go feta ka fa ngaka a sa tlhophang mafoko ka teng, yerrrr

  2. ub student 2013/04/12

    owaii nna ebile a ke rotloetse my man go ya koo..le dira jaana..no way..sue them mama

  3. balogun 2013/04/13

    the devil is behind circumcision,Galatians 5:1-12

  4. Hugh7 2013/04/13

    And after all that, the medical “benefits” of circumcision are exaggerated, when they are not completely bogus. It may (or it may not) slightly reduce rare ailments of adult onset that may be better prevented by other means, or treated as they occur.

    “Mistakes do happen”? No, in hospitals mistakes are not supposed to happen. Accidents happen, but a good way to prevent them happening is not to do unnecessary surgery.

  5. mthebos 2013/04/13

    Sue the government double that amount..that’s why i would not circumcise cos i has hate this mistakes that can not be reversed. Now the poor boy is as good as dead.

  6. bluesky 2013/04/13

    ka dira ngwanake yo 3yrs ,ngwana a tsaya 3 weeks a sa apare a nna fela a ikhakhabolotse a le mo botlhokong bo bo neng bo ntlhaba mo pelong ke le motsadi.I was planning to take my 2 elder boys 2,ka kgwa lethe ntho! ka baka ka yo.Golo mo fela go raya gore ke mathata jaanong fa e le gore di clinic dira jaana ga se gore motho a itunne fela ka tlalo la gagwe.

  7. koketsoranna 2013/04/14

    Most,if not all medical procedures are subject to success or failure. What could work for one might not do for the next person, which we know. But, at the end, by all merits, medical practitioners should exercise caution when handling their procedures; especially that circumcision is routine surgery to them. I agree that they must be sued for negligence; they don’t show remorse for their mistakes. Our government preaches circumcision and negligence on their part should result in them paying up for such. Ke raya gore ngwana oka helelwa ke bonna ka tsela e ntseng jaana, batho ba dira boitseme.nnyaa bathong….sue them!

  8. cheerful 2013/04/14

    There does not seem to be much voice from the childrens organisations . They seem to just watch children suffer and possibly earn a salary at the end of the month

    There seems to be a lot of negligence going on in this sector and nothing seems be done about it

  9. cheerful 2013/04/15

    “Taking up the case area councillor Moseki Mathodi said that he tried to follow up the matter, but was told it was none of his business.”
    The councillor has every right to make a follow up – why is he being prevented from following up the matter???

  10. stagarandah 2013/04/15

    Kgakololo yame ke gore a rene re laletsa Modimo mo go tse tsotlhe tse re di dirang gobane tota mautlwelo botlhoko a modimo a re lekane rotlhe mme e bile ga a rekwe, wa kopa hela mo Modimong a bo ago neela mahala!Madi gona lefa a tlhaelelang teng, ka mafoko a mangwe ga a kake a dira sengwe le sengwe!Ke leboga Modimo gobaneng mautlwelobotlhoko a gagwe a mo fodisitse ka Leina le le Maatla la Jesu wa rona!

  11. Shahid Nkala 2013/04/16

    Hey na hao bona re tshaba ntho ena re lebile gone moo

  12. onizaa 2013/04/16

    TOTA WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS CAMPAIGN BATHONG!DIS IS SOMTHN DAT CANNOT BE REVERSED.mo botshelong bangwe ba go ikotlhaela dis procedure,God placed dat s**n there 4 a purpose,a le tlogelwe le ntse jalo esere kamoso bana ba rona bo ba re tshwaa diphoso.as for u mama dont give up o seka wa tshosiwa ke ngaka e go buela their medical language.your son deserves a chance in life 2 also bcome a doctor.

  13. Vogn 2013/04/17

    Hah.. first of all they encourage men to perform this, but when there are complications, they can’t deal with that… all they know ke go kgaola fela..do ey even knw wat ey r affecting when doin this.. this insane… the hell m gonna do this!! a bet one day there will be an outbreak requiring u had tha foreskin.

    But seriously, they should have made this case their priority. with this people are gonna lose the doctors/nurse’s trust in fear of their safety

  14. Vogn 2013/04/17

    And with this misfortune, a would advise parents not to make decisions for their kids.. this is really a case were a personal chose is made by a kid after reachin a tender age (atleast 16). suppose the kid might blame her moms for this accident..his life might be ruined now

  15. thecute 2013/04/17

    What an irresponsible doctor,are mistakes happen,mistakes are not supposed to happen in the hospital or atleast we don’t expect mistakes to happen.A itse mo Botswana botshelo ja motho bo tsewa mothofo.The Dr.is saying that coz he knows nothing will be done,had it been where that Dr trained he wudnt be saying so,he knows!
    Nna circumcision e a ntena,i cant open my mouth & encourage my boyfriend to part with “our” beloved skin.

  16. cheerful 2013/04/17

    Just a month ago March 8 an article appeared about Negligence at ANOTHER HOSPITAL where a one year old boy was left with a deformed hand after a nurse forgot to remove a rubber that she had put in his hand while trying to insert a drip and the child was flown to another hospital where he was admitted for FOUR MONTHS SHODDY SHODDY SERVICE DELIVERY

  17. feel sorry for the little boy – lets hope thuso o tla e bona nnana. tota circumcision e thusa eng i dont see a reason. What if ngwana o wa batho ba mmolaile ditshika. TOTA KE ROTOETSA BATSADI GORE THEY SHOULD NOT TAKE THEIR KIDS FOR CIRCUMCISION – IT IS BETTER FOR THEM TO CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES WHEN THEY ARE GROWN UP AND KNOWING THEIR STAND.

  18. Seoo 2013/04/18

    “mistakes do happen!? Ka botshelo jwa motho? Nna kana I’ve and will never encourage to do this so called safe male circumcision cz of these mistakes. Kwa ga me ga go iwe koo I say n whoever have interest I’l tell him to do at their own risk.

  19. lololo 2013/04/19

    Ah ah! Waitse ngwana yo, o tlhokile lesego. Sorry my boy.

  20. Carefokon 2013/04/19

    lwa re lo ya kae ka matlalo kana le itirela mathata nako nngwe lo tsile goa tlhoka day lite and le ipolaela bana ka dilo tse di sa reng ee

  21. komich 2013/04/19

    um lucky coz sale ke feditse. please dont take kids there let them go when they are old enuf.

  22. drslims 2013/04/22

    @bluesky…lolest @ “ga se gore motho a itunne fela ka tlalo la gagwe.”…but this is very unfortunate tota…nna i’d sue them bo 30 million gore when they negotiate e bo re wela fa go bo 15 jaana…nxla…do they knw hw expensiv/important tht tool is. tht’s why nna ke dirile ko ntle ga bots, wher doctors cn be trusted…fa ela ba ba rona ba tota ke mathata…my comment shud nt be misconstrued tht i’m against circumcision…tota yone e siame, le fa ke fila gore e mphokoditse bogale, kile ke le mogote tota kana before ke kgaola…eish! malatsi gake tshware mogote wa teng sentle…lolest!

  23. ub student 2013/04/24

    heheheheh @drslims wa bo o tla nkgathelang..o raya gr ba go fokoditse bogale hahahahah..nna tota ke dumela gr ba seka ba dira bana lesng ba tla itira ba godile ba thaloganya gr y doing tht

  24. voicereader 2013/04/25

    it really hurts to see children’s health and lives taken so lightly in bots. reading this article literally brought tears to my eyes. i have read so many stories of child abuse ranging from killing, raping and negligence by health practitioners, and what hurts the most is that in many cases, people either get away with it or just receive a slap on their wrists, and people like this doctor make shameful comments about serious incidents like these; this is utter ethical misconduct for him to say such comments like mistakes are bound to happen. this doctor is a disgrace to the medical society, and he knows very well that this is an ethical misconduct that could see him ripped off his medical license; same applies to the nurse who conducted the procedure. our government needs to take children’s lives very seriously because they are the future leaders of the country, we should leave them with the legacy that they all shall be proud of, not trampling on them and violating their rights. children’s organizations need to be much effective in ensuring the health and safety of our kids, and together as a Botswana society, we need to stand up support the organizations, and be on the lookout for our children too. i applaud this woman for fighting for her child’s justice; soldier on brave woman, continue fighting for what’s right for your lovely son.we need to teach these people that a human being’s live must never be taken lightly, ever. and our government need to stop implementing such procedure prior to extensive research, they should have weighed the prons and cons of this procedure before conducting a major campaign, coz for sure i dont this is the only incident of this kind…

    concerned citizen

  25. baswabile 2013/04/28

    waitse nna tota circumcision e e ntena tota because you find that our country does not have direction hela ga makgoa a batla go ba tshamikisa especially ka yone AIDS e baa wela ba sa lebelele the risks tsa teng,di nnile dile kae di study re sanke re utlwa maduo.bathong tlogelang bana ba tla itirela ditshwetso.

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