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MacDonald Tumiso Rakgare, popularly known as Chillyboy was pictured counting loose change recently.

The talkative Duma FM sports anchor famous for shooting from the hip recently dumped the ruling Botswana Democratic Party to join opposition BOTSWANA National Congress.

Apparently the young award winning presenter intends to stand for political office in Mogoditshane come 2014.

Many who left the BDP came back with their tails between their legs allegedly after realizing that without the BDP they will have no source of income. Is Chilly on his way back?

“No way! I come from a poor family so being broke is nothing new to me,” he said.

Well, just watch this space because of late our politicians seem to have perfected the art of lying.


She once boasted that she will never date her age mates since they could not afford her.

She went further to say she only “plays” with Chief Executive Officers and for many years the chubby Miss Thang was the envy of many.

She stayed in a BHC Medium cost house, her daughter attended a fancy English Medium School and she was juggling two CEO’s at the same time.

However Shaya has learnt that Miss Thang has fallen from grace, there are other young ladies, much hotter than her who are taking on the leery CEO’s.

Apparently she now targets tertiary students and combi drivers.

What a shame, I bet she forgot age catches up with everyone.

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