HAIR RAISING: Motlhoki’s burnt scalp

HAIR RAISING: Motlhoki’s burnt scalp

*Maimed woman pleads with police to find ex- lover in SA

*Demands P1m compensation from the elusive abuser

A devastated Ramotswa woman who survived third degree burns inflicted by a jealous lover has found herself broke, heartbroken and desperate for justice 10 years later.

Neo Pearl Motlhoki who had decided not to prosecute Ontiretse Johannes for attempted murder because he had showed remorse and vowed to be loyal to her forever recently reported him to the police because the man had broken his vow.

The 40- year -old mother of three got a slap in the face which awakened her to the reality that she had forgiven a monster when she recently learnt that despite his promise of loyalty and financial support, Johannes, 46, had secretly married another woman in the same village under her nose.

“ I want him to pay P1million for damages caused and then rot in jail for what he did to me.

SORRY SIGHT: Motlhoki’s belly

SORRY SIGHT: Motlhoki’s belly

No man wants to look at me and some people pass snide remarks about my looks. He did this deliberately so that I don’t get any attention from other men. He cannot just leave me and marry another woman and hope to get away with it,” she said fighting back tears.

Determined to make Johannes face the full weight of the law Motlhoki recently pleaded passionately with the police to hunt him down where he is hiding in SA and bring him back to Botswana to charge him with attempted murder.

“The matter was never reported in South Africa where it happened, but I hope that the police here will help me.

He can run from the police to South Africa but he surely can’t hide forever.

I will not rest until he is charged, prosecuted, convicted and locked up. ” She said.

Narrating the gruesome details of the horrific incident that disfigured her once pretty face forever, the distressed woman said that on that day Johannes had told her that he was returning a food container that he had borrowed from a friend.

“At around 2pm on my way to the shops I saw him at a nearby tuck shop.



He called me and we sat together chatting until around 10pm when we went back to the house but while I was cooking without an argument he kicked me from behind and before I knew it he had doused me with paraffin and when I opened my eyes he was holding a burning plastic bag over my head.

I don’t know what happened after that.”

When she regained consciousness she was on a hospital bed and Johannes was sitting next to her.

“He was lying to people that it was an accident and asking for forgiveness from me.”

The couple later relocated to Ramotswa where they stayed together until recently when Johannes abandoned Motlhoki and their three children.

“On the day that he left he told us that he was going to fuel the car and never came back.

I reported him at the magistrates court and he was ordered to pay P250 a month for each child but he dissapeared into South Africa soon after that.”

Meanwhie the social services in Ramotswa helped Motlhoki to start a backyard garden as a poverty eradication measure but the plan backfired as she ended up with a P4 389.00 water bill and her water supply cut off.

“The social workers advised me to join Ipelegeng but I quit as the working conditions were a hazard to my already fragile health.

What I want is for the police to catch Johannes bring him back to Botswana and have him pay me P1 million and then have him face prosecution,”She said.

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