BOSA’S NET 22.02.13


Felicity Hunter (BOSASNet Board Member) and Cathy Malejane (Host of Duma FM’s ‘The Cookie Jar’) are tandem skydiving to raise money for Botswana Substance Abuse Support Network (BOSASNet).

BOSASNet is a non-governmental organization that provides services to prevent substance use, abuse, and dependency.

The facility provides a much needed substance abuse and dependency outpatient rehabilitation centre, as well as public education and counsellor training.

BOSASNet relies on donations and grants for financial sustainability, and needs the community’s help to keep growing and providing services to the people of Botswana.


“We believe that jumping out of an aeroplane to do a tandem skydive is as hard as it sometimes is for people to take that fi rst step to recovery.

So please encourage and support us to jump by pledging a sponsorship donation to BOSASNet.” Felicty Hunter

The Gaborone Golf Club
Friday the 22nd February 2013
09:30 – 10:00 Media interviews and meet the jumpers
13:30 Felicity Hunter jump
Saturday 23rd February 2013
09:00 Cathy Malejane jump

Donate a pledge to encourage us by contacting BOSASNet on 72659891 or 3959119.

You can check out our website, or fi nd us on Facebook.
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