BIG WEEKEND 22.02.13


This is probably the best news I have heard this year as far as development of arts is concerned.

I have always wondered why the University of Botswana did not have a fully fledged band.

They have the talent and the resources and all that was lacking was the will. However that is about to change.

This Friday the University of Botswana students are invited for auditions for the UB Jazz Band at the UB Amphitheatre at 1400hrs.

Interested individuals are advised that one need to have basic music literacy and knowledge of jazz harmony and chord scale relationships as applicable to their instruments and must be able to improvise in the Jazz idiom.

Singers must be ready to show their voice range and flexibility. This is a great opportunity for aspiring musicians, and could be a life changing experience.


Local rapper C-Ru (real names; Gaeemelwe Glen Lekula) has dropped a single, “Thupa tse molelo” which has been on the streets for some time now.

The single which comes with four bonus tracks is the charismatic rapper’s first official work after 12 years in the music industry.

C-Ru who started rapping during his junior secondary school days at Mmei in Francistown, said his single is centred on Francistown’s renowned Blue Jacket Street.

“This single is good news for the street, its hip hop gospel.

The music depicts the hassles of the streets and it is these same streets that influenced us to be who we are today,” he said.

“I started working on the Blue Jacket St project in 2005 and the reason I took so long was because I wanted to create a brand which my fans would know me by.

Currently the single is available for free; it’s a means of marketing myself and my music.

Actually it’s a foretaste of what people should expect from my 18 track album to be released in September this year,” said C-Ru.

An upcoming young producer from Ramotswa, Karabo “Sgirlar” Sekolo is working on an inspired collaboration album between South Africa and Botswana hip hop artists.

From the Music Management Company LeTHABO Media, Sgirlar says the intention is to unleash a new crop of talented motswakolistas and also create a tight bond and creative networking opportunities between both countries musically.

The first single has already been uploaded online and can be downloaded for free at

The project is scheduled to be released this month end and will be distributed in music shops.

Some of the skillful rappers to be featured on the project include; Sgirlar Mankara, Bishop, Mrejo(SA),Tshabz Motswanarap(SA, Thobie, B Low, Make Pampiri(RC & Young Cici), Don Rebaski(SA), Touch Motswak’ Tswak’, Toxic Beatz(SA), Soski, Big L, Wasekai, Black Infant(SA), Ex The Future(SA), Molf-Eazy, Iceberg and Mokapoteni.




I have shied away from this topic for a while now, but it is subject I could not ignore forever.

Big Weekend readers have bombarded me with mails informing us of local artists who have decided to turn to God.

The list is endless, but kwaito kwasa artist Vee seems to be on everybody’s lips even though he was not the first to declare his newfound relationship with God.

Some include Benson Phuthego, HT, Euri, Shumba Ratshega and Maxy.

Most shocking about the e-mails I receive though is that people tend to think that spotting Maxy or Dramaboi in a church is something out of the ordinary.

Artists just like everybody else need to get in touch with their spiritual selves, in fact an artist who is in touch with their spiritual self is better off than the one who is not.

However I only have a problem when the said artists start giving away their stuff to fashion crazed pastors and buying cars for the church.

Nobody buys their way into heaven, the artists must know.

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