Avid Voice reader, Kingdom Douglas was a  happy man this Valentine’s Day.

In fact Kingdom could not stop smiling from the time when he walked into The Voice offices on Wednesday to narrate  his real life story about how he found true love on the Newspaper’s Let’s Get Personal (LGP) Page until he left.

The source of his happiness is none other than the woman she has been dating for almost one year now and hoping to marry after she found her though LGP last year March.

“ The moment I laid my eyes on her I knew she was the one,so I didn’t waste time but introduced her to my mom and my entire immediate family right away,”  Said the beaming Gaborone based combi  driver.

He continued: “ I should have married at 25, I wanted to, but the woman I was dating and wanted to marry lost interest in me after we had children.”

Following the break up with his childhood sweet heart in 2004 which left him holding two babies, Douglas says maneuvering the dating scene became a tricky.



“ The women I met were mostly in bars and night clubs  and parties where I would hangout with friends over weekends and from that experience what I have learn for sure is that you can’t meet a woman in a bar and hope to make her a wife.

It just doesn’t work that way.”

Seven years of playing the field later, Douglas felt ready to settle down.

Inspired  by his best friend did not  only find love through LGP but has been married for years now and built a family with two kids, a girl and boy, the single and searching father of two turned to LGP to look for the right mate.

“ The Voice is my favorite newspaper paper so I was buying it already but never just took the time to look carefully before.

But when I knew exactly what I wanted I went through the women’s profiles and she was my future wife,  Tshidi”

There are no pictures  with the LGP profiles  but  Douglas says what attracted him to the 28 -year old woman was their  similar interests.

“She wanted to get married and I wanted the same.

I drink alcohol but I was looking for a woman who doesn’t drink and her profile said she didn’t drink, I wanted someone with kids because  I have two of my own and don’t want anymore and she has two.

Be-MineHer profile perfectly fitted the bill so her looks didn’t matter anymore.”

When further quizzed on whether he was sure that he would marry the woman even if she had turned out to be crippled he said, “ I would have still dated her to marry if she had one eye,” adding that of course all men want a good looking wife but he was prepared not to be put off a good woman by looks.

So was he pleasantly surprised then that his woman looked good?  “Yes I was surprised but not pleasantly, or should I say I was disappointed.

She actually sounded like she was better looking on the phone than in person but I am not complaining.”

For Valentine’s the couple were not going to be together because of different commitments.

She was in her home village, Bobonong where she looks after her siblings and school going children so she couldn’t travel to Gaborone while he was going to be on the road working.

“ I have sent her some money for her to buy herself present as a token of my love.

I am looking forward to 2014 when we will be married and living together and able to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day of our lives till death do us part.”

“In conclusion to my friends our there who might  be searching for love I was I would Give LGP a chance, you might just find your soul mate,” he quipped!

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