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  1. cheerful 2013/02/16

    Is the group of officials communicating with the Village Head and people in the Village on what sort of development they need before the money is wasted on what should be done with it???

  2. cheerful 2013/02/16

    There is no breakdown on how the Five Million will be spent
    Probably the will appreciate
    1. A Clinic
    2. and houses need to be repaired or rebuilt that were destroyed by the storm
    3. a borehole
    4. or a school if there is none there

  3. cheerful 2013/02/16

    If i am correct the basics are
    Clean Water
    Health facilities

  4. cheerful 2013/02/16

    “They did not consult us on what we need in this village and now they are coming here in the name of poverty eradication for a fun filled outing at the expense of the tax payers. ”

    Just spotted the above sentence and this tells one why all the person has every reason to be unhappy.

    Why are the people not being consulted? They live there and surely they know what they require and should be consulted.

  5. cheerful 2013/02/16

    There must be a group of people.
    The chairman should find out who it is – get their name and make a complaint if he is not satisfied before the money is put to waste and go to the top

  6. cheerful 2013/02/18

    Would not surprise me if someone is telling someone “Everything has gone down well according to schedule”(!!??)when in actual fact things are not going down well!!(??)

    There is no comment in this article on whether the local councillor or MP is aware of what is happenning or has happened

    And as usual there is always blankety blank or hitting a snag(!!!)despite efforts from certain quarters to get the truth

  7. cheerful 2013/02/18

    Perhaps the school(if there is one) needs some equipment or could do with books for the children?????
    a library for the children???
    Or if there is a clinic already built there it could do with some medical equiment?????

  8. cheerful 2013/02/18

    Some Literacy classes for the adults sure they want to tlearn(???)

  9. cheerful 2013/02/18

    The VVIP in my view should be the people who will be handed over the projects

  10. cheerful 2013/02/18

    Is there a reason why the homes that have been destroyed by the storm are being overlooked????- should not be overlooked in my view something Urgently needs attendtionl What will happen when the COLD WINTER MONTHS start to creep in and the homes are not being attended to????????

  11. cheerful 2013/02/19

    what about building a school kitchen at the school if there is one in the village so that those children who do not have a meal at home can have meals at school??????(!!!)
    Mr Chairperson of the village hope someone will listen to you supportive of you!!!

  12. cheerful 2013/02/19

    Looks like the only one giving feedback dear dear dear!!!!!?????

  13. cheerful 2013/02/25

    Will there be a red carpet for the VVIP (which i think stands FOR VERY VERY IMPORTANT PERSONS)!!??? !!???) why are they just not called VIPs like everyone else ??!!!!!!
    What is the breakdown for
    Tents Gazebos, Catering, erecting abulution blocks,overtime, clearing of the place etc.??????etc. the whole hotel has moved from the city to the rural area!!????

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