The two young children, who were apparently hacked to death by their biological father a week and half ago were last Saturday laid to rest at their mother’s home village of Sepako in the Central Administrative District.

The bodies of four-year-old PasekaBothoRamaditse and her sister Palesa Baby Ramaditse aged two years were found in a pool of blood at their mother’s lodgings at Somerset East location in Francistown.

Ironically the two children were both born on a Good Friday.

The chilling killing of the two young children that has become the talk of the country’s second largest city left many in a state of a shock.

Mourners who traveled to Sepako village from Francistown wanted to understand the motive for the killing of the two children.

Relatives and friends to the Ramaditse family sang throughout the night to console the mother to the deceased.

Throughout the funeral vigil, friends and relatives sang and took turns in giving words of encouragement to the bereaved mother and her family.

In the morning anxious mourners quietly gathered in a bid to get first hand information from speakers as to what really triggered the killings. But it was not to be.

None of the speakers spoke about what might have led to the killings.MmaNdjavera, the mother to the man accused of the murder of his two children only gave a brief obituary.

“The two (accused killer and the mother to the deceased) were happy together. And this happiness was also extended to both families,” said MmaNdjavera.

On 4 February 2013, MmaNdjavera told the gathering that she received a call from her prospective daughter-in -law insisting she come to their place. She tried to put off the journey arguing that she was tired since she was just knocking off from work.

However the children’s mother persisted. MmaNdjaverathen went to the lodgings in the company of one of her daughters. At first MmaNdjavera could not locate her daughter in law.

“After some few minutes she appeared from behind the house. I asked her what had happened but she could not answer me. She just told me to peep through the bedroom window. When I asked why, she just ordered me to look,” said the grandmother, and that was when she saw the bodies of the children. They then called the police.



Blue Dress: Hello girl. What are you doing here? I thought you were strictly a town girl.

Red Skirt: Hi Friend. I am on my way to Sepako for a funeral. What are you doing here yourself?



Blue Dress:I am going to Kasane to see my guy. Whose funeral are you going to? Do you have relatives this side?

Red Skirt: A neighbour has killed his kids and I am going to their burial.

Blue Dress: You cannot be serious. What kind of a man kills his own blood? What drove him to do such a terrible thing? He must be a horrible person.

Red Skirt: Nobody seems to know why he did it but to us who know him he was a nice guy. We are surprised and still find it hard to believe he did such a thing.

Blue Dress:  Is he perhaps mad?

Red Skirt: No. He is just a normal guy who works for the BDF.

Blue Dress: With such soldiers we are doomed. They will kill us all.

Red Skirt:  He is a maintenance man

Blue Dress:  Maybe he killed them to avoid paying maintenance.

Red Skirt:  Not as far as I know but they are such rumours in the papers.

Blue Dress: Here comes the bus. I have to go. We’ll talk later – take care.


Man in Cap:  I still cannot understand why this guy did this.

Fat lady: I think nobody but himself and God know.

Lady in Red:  I read in The Voice that rumours say he did it because he could not afford maintenance.

Man in Cap:  Where does The Voice get that? This guy did not have a problem with looking after his children because his parents helped him out.

Lady in Red: How do you know that? Or have you perhaps turned into The Voice too.

Man in Cap: They are my neighbours in Minestone.

Man in Overalls: So you must know this guy well then.

Man in Cap: Yes I do. In fact I have known him all my life. That’s why I know that the maintenance rumour is nonsense as well as the talk that he was arrested at the golf course.

I do not know where these new people get their information.

Man in overalls: I guess they talk to people who love knowing things they know nothing about. By the way where was he arrested?

Man in Cap: In Minestone with his mates.


Paseka-&-PalesaMan in Leather Jacket:  I feel pity for this woman. If only this man was here to see how he has broken her heart

.Lady in a Blue Scarf: I guess she’ll never trust any man again. I personally would not after such a terrible experience. No human being deserves this.

Leather Jacket: And the innocent souls did not deserve this terrible end. May God bless them and punish their killer accordingly.

Blue Scarf: I wonder what drives a man to do such a thing. Maybe he was bewitched!

Leather Jacket: You never know but if it is so may God punish the sorcerers responsible too.

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