HOME AT LAST: Innacimuthu

HOME AT LAST: Innacimuthu

An Indian man who had expressed his wish to go back to India was finally returned home in a body bag after he hanged himself.

29- year- old Innacimuthu Innacimuthu, who was employed as a machine fitter with Matsiloje Portland Cement (MPC) tendered his   resignation letter indicating that he wanted to return to his native country, India.

He was however later found hanging from the garage roof rafters in a home he shared with two of his homeboys and work colleagues in Matsiloje two days later.

Innacimuthu, who had worked for the cement factory for the past  four years allegedly hanged himself with his trousers.

In a suicide note he left outside his room, Innacimuthu  apparently wished his house mates Raghu and Natrajan a happy life and  instructed them to check in the next room where he was found hanging.

MPC Chairman, Mukesh Josh, told The Voice that Innacimuthu had indicated in the suicide note that the reason for his death was his housemates but did not explain further what they did to him.

“His house mates are also from Tamilnadu, the same area where Innacimuthu came from,”said Josh, who went on to describe the deceased as a hard working man.

His body was repatriated back to India where he was buried  last weekend.

Matsiloje Police station commander Bulayani Manji confirmed the incident and said they were investigating.

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