CHILLIN’ OUT 15.02.13


A group of Batswana football lovers ambushed FIFA President Sep Blatter on Sunday night and told him their concerns about the Constituency League.

This is President Khama’s pet project that has been a hot potato for quite some time.

The league runs parallel to the mainstream league and has been blamed for the collapse of football structures in the Ghanzi Region.

The supporters who were dressed in national colours led by a prominent local sports reporter managed to have an audience with Blatter as he left the stadium after the AFCON final.

They bluntly told the football boss that Khama’s initiative was counterproductive and bad for the sport. Apparently Blatter told them that he understood their concerns and would look into the matter.

Now that’s interesting!




And while we are on Blatter, Shaya couldn’t help but notice how girls were falling over themselves trying to catch the old man’s attention when he was in Botswana on a FIFA mission recently.

Shaya has always been amazed by Young Batswana girls’ insatiable love  for old white men, but Aish, next time take it easy sistas, that kind of behaviour is not dope at all.

It was just too embarrassing to watch young  beautiful and even older women offering themselves on a silver platter to Blatter who seemed oblivious that he was suddenly accorded sex symbol status.


News reaching Yours Truly has it that traditional singer Jojo Gaonakala is likely to be among the entertainers in next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

A reliable source has told Shaya that the young artist who took the industry by storm through her debut album “Mpatiseng” could secure a spot in the much publicized football showpiece.

Jojo also made her name in South Africa and other neighbouring countries.

Her song “Mpatiseng” was voted song of the week by Motsweding FM listeners last year and it looks like her star is about to shine even brighter.


A young woman who allegedly wanted to extort some money out of a high ranking politician by threatening to expose their illicit love affair recently found herself at the receiving end of the man’s wreath and at her wits end.

The girl who claimed to have compiled text messages from the man asking her to terminate a pregnancy was outwitted when the legislator turned the tables on her  by reporting her to the police and threatening to haul her before the courts for extortion, an offence that could attract a 7- year jail term after confiscating the girl’s phones.

Shaya would like to caution both the man and the girl to come to their senses before someone gets hurt.

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