Maun police are investigating a case in which a 47-year- old man of Thito ward is suspected to have torched another driver’s vehicle after an accident. 

Station Commander Superintendent Kenanao Badumetse said that the accident which happened on Saturday night between Senthaga and Duck Pond shopping complex involved a Corolla and Nissan Sentra.

He said that after receiving the accident report, his officers went to the scene only to find the vehicles owners gone.

“The information we got at the scene is that the two had a fight after the accident and we had to tow the vehicles to our station.”

Badumetse said a few minutes after parking the vehicles at the police station, people who were being assisted in the Community Service Centre saw one of the drivers, the one that was allegedly not at fault setting the other man’s car on fire before he vanished.

“There was a government vehicle which was parked next to the burning car and it was affected but not badly,” Badumetse said before he went on to thank those who assisted the police in putting out the fire.

An eye witness said the arsonist was acting in protest to the other driver’s reaction towards the accident.

“The driver at fault gave away his identity card to the arsonist as  assurance that he had accept fault and was going to fix the damage he caused but as they were finalising the details he grabbed the card  and ran away.” said the witness.

The angry driver who was wronged then followed the car to the police station and torched it.

The police boss said that the suspect was arrested and made to spend a night in custody before he was released to await trial outside.

He was expected to appear before court facing a count of malicious damage to property soon.

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