The mother of a Mabalane primary school boy who died a sudden death in Sikwane village this week has claimed that he was poisoned by a school bully.

Bofelo Tshimologo, 11, died screaming in pain after he was allegedly poisoned by the bully who had persistently terrorised him, his grieving mother claimed.

Fighting back tears, Doreen, 38, claimed that when she brought her son’s body from the hospital where he was certified dead, some of his classmates approached her with information that a Standard 6 bully who had abused him for months had finally put poison in his chips.

“ This was the same boy I was supposed to go and  discuss later on that week in a Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting  concerning the threats to kill he was reported to have uttered, saying he was going to kill many students with poison but he was going to begin with my son,” the distraught mum said.

Relating how she had been to the school on several occasions to attend to reports involving physical abuse of her son by this same boy, the broken hearted mum added: “On one occasion he took my son’s school shoes and book covers and I had  to go to the school to resolve the matter.”
Relating events that led to his death Doreen said when her son came from school on the fateful day he complained of stomach pains.

“His school uniform had been soiled and he told us that he had felt dizzy and had fallen to the ground. At first I took him lightly but I later realised he was sick and told him to go and rest in the house.

When I went to check on him I found him lying on his stomach and  gasping for water.”



Doreen described how after drinking the water Bofelo started screaming in agony clutching his stomach. She then, together with other family members, took him to the nearest clinic where they waited for the doctor to arrive.

“We were told that the ambulance had taken a patient to the hospital in Mochudi and when the driver was phoned he couldn’t come immediately because he  was having lunch in Pilane.

A doctor however used his car to come and attend to my child, but upon his arrival in Sikwane it was too late, the boy was dead,” Doreen said as she struggled to control her emotions.

VICTIMISED: Tshisimogo was bullied to death

VICTIMISED: Tshisimogo was bullied to death

The boys ‘s equally aggrieved grandmother Dorah Motsilenyane , 58, described Tshisimogo as a good natured boy who was brilliant at school.

“He was very intelligent and always made sure that he prepared breakfast for me before he went to school.

Assistant Superintendent Boipuso Baatweng of Sikwane Police confirmed the incident but said investigations were still being made to establish the cause of death.

“We are still awaiting the post-mortem report and after that we will probe further into the matter to establish the truth behind the boy’s death,” he said.

Young Tshisimogo will be laid to rest at Sikwane village tomorrow (Saturday).

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