An 81- year- old woman of Mapoka village was last week killed by a snake bite.

Grandma Senoka Nothisani died at Masunga Primary hospital a few hours after a 2.5 metres long black mamba bit her as she entered her house.

The granny’s shaken grand daughter, Unami Bafana said the grand mother staggered to her house to tell her that she had been bitten by a snake.

“It’s not clear how it all happened but we believe the snake was somewhere behind the door.

All what she told us was that she had been bitten by a big black snake,” Unami who lives a short distance away from the granny’s house said.

She said Senoka was having difficulties in walking and sweating profusely by the time she arrived at her house.

“She was sweating and  foaming at the mouth.  There was blood oozing below her breast where she was bitten.”

Neighbour and friend, Baratang Makhani said Senoka was gnashing her teeth and mourning in great pain as curious people crowded to investigate what could have happened to her.

“All she managed to tell us was that the snake bit her below the breast and on the left arm,” Makhani said.

The rattled neighbour said granny Senoka who was full of life the previous day was now just stammering and couldn’t even stand on her own.

She further said that while there have always been snakes in the area it was the first time for her to see such a huge one.

“Yes we do sometimes see and kill snakes in the area but it’s the first time to see such a big one.

Still get goose bumps when I imagine the pain my friend went through before she died,” Makhani said.

The killer snake was killed by members of the public together with the police and officers from wildlife department the following day.

Meanwhile police in Masunga have warned villagers to beware of  creeping dangerous creatures like snakes which normally come out during the rainy season.

CAPTURED: Villager holds dead mamba

CAPTURED: Villager holds dead mamba

Senoka was buried at Mapoka on Saturday. She is survived by 19 grand children and 29 great grand children.

Side bar Facts

-Black mamba has the most rapid-acting venom of any snake species

-Its toxicity varies depending on geographically location and weather

-Its venom is around 0.185mg/kg making it the most venomous land snake in the world

-Its bite is often called ‘the kiss of death’ because, all its victims used to die before anti venom was available.

-Its bite can kill a person in 30 minutes but could also take 2-3 hours depending on different factors

-Its only treatment is the anti-venom which is readily available in most hospitals

-The fatality rate depends on health, size, age and psychological state of the victim and the penetration of the fangs

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