CONVICTED: Tendai Kiwa (L) & Meltah Ncube -(MAIN PIC)

CONVICTED: Tendai Kiwa (L)
& Meltah Ncube

Two Zimbabwean shoplifters nabbed and fined

An unemployed Zimbabwean woman was arraigned before Kgosi Charles Koitsiwe of Old Naledi Customary court on Wednesday morning accused of theft.

The 27- year old-mother allegedly stole children’s clothes on the 5th of February from  Jet stores at the Station mall, next to Ackerman’s.

Tendai Kiwa was nabbed by the shop’s security guard as she was about to exit the shop with the stolen items, the court heard.

The shop assistants further told the court that they asked to search her bag, and found nothing.

They then asked her to accompany them to the ladies fitting rooms where they continued searching her until they found stolen items, a blue skirt and a white flowery dress between her thighs and blood stained.

Kiwa pleaded guilty to her crime and asked Kgosi Koitsiwe to forgive her, pleading that she is not working and that the father to her baby was in Zimbabwe.

A first time offender, she was ordered to pay a court fine of P60.00 and P95.00 for the damaged items.

In a different case another Zimbabwean, Meltah Ncube, 27, was fined P60 for stealing two Creamers’ milk (200 g) and Peanut butter (400g) from Choppies hyper Supermarket in Rail park mall on Tuesday.

The pregnant woman asked for forgiveness for the crime she’d committed because she was unemployed and abandoned by the father of her unborn child whom she said had married another woman.

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