Conveernsation-from-a-combiA VOICE reporter heard this interesting conversation between a taxi driver and her friend in Maun last week.

WOMAN TAXI DRIVER IN SPORTS GEAR: (Agitated voice) I don’t care about a customer or that whole s**t about the customer being king.

MAN AT THE BACK: Yeah, customers think they can get way with being rude to taxi drivers just because they pay for the service

WOMAN TAXI DRIVER: P4, 00 What is P4 anyways? P4 doesn’t even buy me a litre of Petlore! No one is going to disrespect me for P4, I can tell you that.

MAN AT THE BACK: What was he going on about anyhow insisting on you dropping him where you had already told him you can’t go?

WOMAN TAXI DRIVER: No he was crazy, I don’t take that kind of nonsense from passengers, if I tell you I can’t take a certain route I mean it.

I can’t be forced to go on roads that would kill my shock absorbers in no time.

Quality shock absorbers are expensive and I am not talking about the ones written Gabrielle.

Those ones are fonkongs. I just had to put my foot down and eject him from my car.

PASSENGER IN THE BACK: (Sounding intimidated) Can you drop us off by Shoppers please?

TAXI DRIVER: Where exactly are you going?

PASSENGER: Disaneng, but we will drop off here and catch another taxi since you might not be going where we are going.

MAN AT THE BACK: No, It’s just a matter of the right price and discussions and she can take you home.

TAXI DRIVER: Disaneng route is not good for business. At this time especially it will be deserted and you won’t find taxis going there any time soon. How much can you pay me to take you there, P20?

PASSENGER IN FRONT: P20 it is then.(handing over the note)

TAXI DRIVER: OK, I will drop you two off and then proceed to buy petlore at Engen.

I prefer Engen petlore to any other brand. The other day I bought petlore at a filing station near Riley’s and it didn’t last as long as the Engen Petlore normally does.

(To the man at the back) I hate this route, I think it’s jinxed. Do you Remember how that bus conductor and that taxi driver died on this route?

MAN AT THE BACK: Yeah I do, the driver had just acquired his PSP licence for one week and he died. What a shame!

Silence falls for a few minutes and then passengers including Voice rporter arrive at their destination, thank the woman and her friend and alight the taxi.


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