ConversationDubani-wa-Dubani heard three women at a cafe in Francistown discussing   AFCON and its impact on their lives.

BLUE BEANIE: Mma I love this AFCON. I wish it could be played all year round

RED SKIRT: You, loving football or am I hearing voices?

BLUE BEANIE: No you are not hearing voices. I do not love watching it but I love the way the AFCOn keeps my husband at home.

The kids and I  have seen more of him since the AFCON started than we normally do in a month.

Usually he spends most of his evening with his drinking mates at some bar and the weekend watching football at the stadium or the many grounds in Francistown.

GAP TOOTH: You are lucky that your man is spending some time in the house. Mine says he prefers to watch his game in bars. He says there is more vibe there than at home, whatever that means.

RED SKIRT: Men are crazy you know. When it comes to football they are more like boys. My man brings all these friends of his home for the games and our house has become like a stadium.

I have nothing against his friends but its a bit irritating when they come every day, make all the noise as they cheer their teams.

Luckily our children go to boarding school otherwise they would have no peace to study. I love football but I cannot stand all these people coming to my house.

GAP TOOTH: I guess we all have to live with our men, childish as they are.

BLUE DRESS: You should hear the noise my husband and the boys make when watching the game. Happy as I am that he is now home more often, I do get put off by the noise at times.

But having him is worth more than the quiet peace when he is out.

RED SKIRT: As for me I cannot wait until the AFCON is over so my man and his drunken buddies can go make noise elsewhere.

BLUE DRESS: Do not come complaining when you see less of him then. as for me I wish big games could be played everyday.

The World Cup, the Champions League, the Euro and all the other big games. That way I would see my husband every day and my boys would spend more time with their father.

If I knew Blatter I would ask him for that favour.

GAP TOOTH: He will be in Botswana next month. Why do you not go and see him.

BLUE DRESS: If I could, I would but I will be at work and him in Gaborone. I guess if I flashed him the smile that won me a husband he would probably listen to my request.

My husband would stay home more.

GAP TOOTH: Girls I have got to get back to work. Take care!

BLUE DRESS: Take care too my girl

RED SKIRT:  See you later.

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